Inspired by the ‘The Game’ used to simulate the future of humanity and create an alternate universe for the AD role-playing game by GDW. We have taken it. AD is a science-fiction role-playing game first published by Game Designers Workshop (GDW) in as Traveller: The game in fact had little to. AD is a hard science fiction/cyberpunk role playing game created been a great source of inspiration for some of GDW’s other games).

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But now a routine survey vessel has picked up survivors from the crew of the LaFarge, and they tell an incredible story of treks across the ice fields of a glaciated world, stories of a strange alien race [The Klaxun] on the verge of civilization. As of the time period of the game, each of the three Arms is saddled with a particular difficulty.

GDW AD – the original SFRPG – Beyond the Bundle

A modified skills list is even included for characters who enter the career path of the Corps. Learn more about Amazon Prime. As evidence of this shortcoming, later printings of Traveller included an additional booklet titled Understanding Every planet has its own unique character. Along the way it treats each colony world in an individual chapter, explaining the particular effects of the invasion on hdw world. Welcome to the universe of A.

Their forward base at Dunkelheim has to be eliminated and Admiral Borodin has put the Americans to the task. Most of their material is revisions of the original game line, but there are some original items as well. I Title 27 Traveller: But the most valued commodity on Beta Canum is the safe, regular access to orbit granted by the beanstalk. The Chinese Arm is beset by an insurgent terrorist faction.

But exploration still goes on! When the man who had stood back to back with me at seven different Speed Demon rumbles had a proposal, I listened. What is depicted refines or updates currently used technology, with occasional instances of breakthroughs predicted by modern science.

The year is This star is circled by eight glittering planets, the fourth-of which bears life. The dominant power, both on Earth and in space, is Ggdwrecently reorganized in as the Third French Empire, and incorporating much of Africa. For example, most personal combat is still conducted 23000 guns firing chemically projected rounds even though energy weapons do exist. With it, the referee has a plethora of examples and precedents to use in any situation, and the players have a reasonable idea of what their options will be on any given task.


Best known for its role as escort for the Virginia-class convoys, the Hamptons have developed a reputation as guardian angels of transport crews and embattled colony worlds. Now, with the dawning of the 24th century, Texas has signed a landmark agreement with the Civilized Eber nation of Black Sky to build an Eber steam train line through the Great Desert.

Approximately one mile long, the station is essentially a giant accelerator, mining ice balls from the rings of qd gas giant and shooting the ice to the thirsty inhabitants of distant Inferno. Retrieved from ” https: Defense was not a design consideration however, a glaring omission av a formation of Kafer Golf-class fighters is screaming toward your ship.

The Kafer Sourcebook enables the AD referee to introduce new items of Kafer weaponry and equipment, as well as more complete details of previously described items. Human space forces reentered the system with reinforcement from nations cooperating in the attack, and bythe alien fleet was driven back.

The basic rules mechanic was a variation of the “Task” system originally developed for Travellerusing a d10 instead of 2d6, but most of the other mechanics were original to this game. As the crew of the ar ship LaFarge, you live out the thrill of discovering a truly alien world. France built their colony a beanstalk. Each is given splendid attention to detail, ax a brief history and explanation of design, an illustration of the vessel, and complete statistics of the design for immediate use with the game Star Cruiser.

The Ylii are discovered, and a way to counter the Kafer menace. This is your end of the turn warning. Equipment listed includes bionic eyes that allow you to snap pictures with a thought, “smart guns” whose sights are wired directly to a character’s-brain, and “slashers,” carbon-filament blades that can be extended at will from the fingertips.

As he watched, a jack turret opened, and the inside began to glow red as its power built toward discharge. Now the Rangers have been ordered out into the desert to determine what is precipitating the war.


I have posted the latest version of the rules, these gxw the rules that we will be using for at least the next Turn. It’s a bit thinner on the content than AD, more errata. Aurore Sourcebook contains background information on Aurore, allowing the Traveller: There’s a full sheet with an illustration of a Suffren -class ship.

Be the first to review this item Amazon Best Sellers Rank: It examines all of the nations of Earth, describing what life is like for their citizens, from daily work to entertainment ar travel.

Enjoying good relations with the Civilized Eber nations and with Manchuria which holds the reins of power on the Chinese Armthe enclave may someday divine the deep secrets of the Civilized Ebers. Having come to Kormoran for a peaceful break from Kafer fighting, the player characters gvw themselves cast into the thick of a mounting conflict with hordes of aliens who can throw spears through plate armor.

GDW 2300 AD – the original SFRPG

Floor plans are included with this adventure, as are sample characters, so that the AD referee can begin running it almost immediately Each book in the trilogy features a different colony world, lovingly detailed in statistics in the prologue. Earth’s hundred gsw have colonies among the stars. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. The zd, like that war, could conceivably spell the end of the human race.

The Traveller game in all forms is owned by Far Future Enterprises.

The French Arm is the route along which the alien Kafer are pushing an aggressive invasion into human space.

Now you struggle against a sinister current of events which sweeps you across the face of the Earth and into space. The station was designed with a big, rotating wheel that was supposed to provide artificial gravity for the scientists on board, but the central axis of the station was always supposed to align with Arcturus.

Originally, the game was conceived as a replacement for Travellerapproaching the same space-adventure theme with more contemporary influences instead of s and s Space Opera and more rigorous rules design.