NJ Semi-Conductors reserves the right to change test conditions, parameters limits and package dimensions without notice information furnished by NJ. 2N Specifications: SCR Type: Sensitive Gate ; Voltage – Off State: V ; Current – On State (It (RMS)) Details, datasheet, quote on part number: 2N . 2N Teccor® Sensitive SCR ;; Package= TO Three-lead. The Teccor line of sensitive SCR semiconductors are half-wave unidirectional, gate-controlled.

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M aximum Allowable Case Temperature vs. Ive seen it at www. Littelfuse 2N is available at Allchips.

2N Datasheet – V V[drm] Max., mA I[T] Max. Silicon Controlled Rectifier from

If its a 0. Allchips offer a warranty of days for each component. Gate trigger voltage -Vgt. Posted by surfline in forum: Normalized DC Holding Current vs.

Im sure its some sort of SCR. On-State Voltage Typical 3.

Plenty of free or close enough to it PCB design software out there too. Ignore the other numbers, theyre just date codes of manufature. Aug 22, 8. Aug 22, 1. Maximum Allowable Case Temperature vs.


I would really datasheeet to find the original specs first though to know the rating. Discussion in ‘ General Electronics Chat ‘ started by endurozAug 22, Sensitive gate SCRs are easily triggered with microAmps of current as furnished by sense coils, proximity switches, and microprocessors. Door to door logistic service within 3 days.

SCR,Silicon Controlled Rectifiers

Correct mounting, soldering, and forming of the leads also help protect against component damage. Need help with SCR datasheet Posted by chipwitch in forum: Apr 5, 18, 3, Aug 22, 4. IGT may turn out to be a negative quantity trigger current flows out from gate lead. I suspect the former. O n-State Current vs.

Vf – forward voltage. What does this mean for datasheey OLEDs? They do offer a fully functional version for free but it’s limited to pins datadheet two layers. We wont be at that stage for a fair while yet though. SCR datasheet or equivalant Reply to Thread. I have been trying to find a data sheet for the following components and cant find one anywhere afer many many hours of searching!. Some operate around V, others go above V and you don’t have a circuit. H Thanks for your help.


However, in this case, it should not be much of a challenge to locate an equivalent or better-than replacement part. I listed 3 above and they all had a different 2 digit code after datashest. Aug 22, 6. Thanks for the PCB tips.

Do you already have an account? Case is electrically nonconductive. Do not repeat on-state current. Stock Limited ,if you want to buy,please Contact Us. Are we going to see more OLEDs in products?

(PDF) 2N6565 Datasheet download

Average On-State Current Figure 8: They are close enough to bridge. Maximum Allowable Ambient Temperature vs. Jul 17, 22, 1, Yes i can do that. For more details, please check our FAQ page.

Peak Capacitor Discharge Current 0 0. The more common ones aren’t that hard to duplicate in most cases, I made one for an older Kawasaki dirt bike with some spare components.