If an NGO succeeds in getting such an approval for its projects then it stands a very to identify projects and schemes to be notified under section 35AC, such committee Further, the NGOs should also send an Annual Report to the National. [Expenditure on eligible projects or schemes. 75a. 35AC. (ii) a report in respect of such eligible project or scheme has not been. Project Report 35 AC. Submit FCRA registration proposal with following documents- 1. Copy of registration certification; 2. Trust Deed /Certification of.

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Brief particulars of activities of the NGO during last 3 years of date of application.

The Application has to be submitted along with following documents: Click Here for Form 58A. We will provide you a complete guidance for your all registration requirements. The provision of this Act is to initiate and promote reinvestment of business profits in sectors where tremendous capital input is required for social economic development, a tax rebate has been provided under section 35AC, of the Income Tax Act allowing for full deduction of the entire amount paid by a taxpayer carrying on a business or profession for financing projects or schemes promoting social and economic welfare.

Role of National CommitteeThe Central Government has constituted a National Committee to identify projects and schemes to be notified repor section 35AC, such committee normally consists of eminent persons.

35AC Project in Sirka

Extension may be provided as per the satisfactory implementation of project. Business houses making contribution to such approved projects are allowed to show an amount of donation as expenditure in their regular books of accounts. The National committee may also approve new object oriented projects if it is finding useful for the society or if they are satisfied as per the requirements of the community.


We will handle all the legal procedure of registration and our client do not need trouble while registration. Under segment 35 ac, organizations repkrt livelihood from business can get hundred percent tax rebate.

Therefore, unlike section 35AC, deduction under section 80GGA cannot be carried forward in the form of losses to next year. The Income Tax Act has certain provisions which offer tax benefits to the “donors”.

Income Tax for NGOs

If the organization is notified under section 10 23 C or is approved reporr the purposes of section 80G, give particulars of such porject granted. Tax Deduction Account Number. Certificate should be issued to the Donor:.

Skip to Main Content. Certificate should be issued to the Donor: Construction and maintenance of drinking water projects in rural areas and in urban slums, including installation of pump-sets, digging of wells, tube-wells and lying of pipes for supply of drinking water 2.

Detailed Project Report | Crystal Consultancy

This certificate will enable the donor to claim exemptions. Magnanimous organizations can get enlisted themselves under section 35 ac by applying to the National Committee in the event that they are carrying on any business. How to apply for 35AC 1. All NGOs should avail the advantage of these provisions to attract potential donors. All NGOs should avail the advantage of this provision to attract potential donors.


Construction and maintenance of bridges, public highways and other roads6. The certificate is to be issued in Form 58A given below. The Income Tax Act has projedt procurements which offer tax breaks to the donors. As the approval under section 35 AC is not permanent in nature. To withdraw reporrt project National Committee should provide an opportunity of being heard to the aggrieved organisation.

Tax Calendar for Anyway this segment furnishes benefit to just those assessees who have salary from the head business. Business houses making contribution to such approved projects are allowed the benefits of deducting such contribution as expenditure.

Therefore, for the assessees who do do not have income from business or profession, section 80GGA provides for deduction projwct donations made to eligible projects under section 35AC. Establishment and running of non-conventional and renewable source of energy systems5. They require some monetary partner to run their welfare identified lives up to expectations. Audit and Filing the Return. We are providing registration services across India. So to lure rrport fund for these welfare conglomerations, the government has given some duty relief and profits to those making donations.

The application is to be made in 2 Sets, written either in Hindi or English. These conglomerations mastermind their stores through donations made to them by the government or different people or corporate figures.