Shatterproof (The 39 Clues: Cahills vs. Vespers, Book 4) [Roland Smith] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The fourth book in the CAHILLS. Review. The 39 Clues: Cahills vs. Vespers, Book 4: Shatterproof. by Roland Smith. Amy and Dan have been through so much more turmoil in. it has a a lot of details good action and great tha vocab t the author did i think 39 clues makes really interesting stories about crime and missions shatterproof is.

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She then pushed the button. Nobody could really trust each other, and these shifting alliances, tricks, double-crosses and traps were key to the series. It took Amy to read several times before the information was whatterproof computed in her mind.

Cahills vs. Vespers SHATTERPROOF THE 39 Clues by kyle ferris on Prezi

I suppose this is unavoidable, given that there are different authors for each book, but I still don’t think it’s excusable. The guards made them go inside a wide room with floor to ceiling glass windows with toilet and ready to eat meals. I must admit that I’m growing weary of this series. Amy and Dan need to smoke out the traitor before the next hostage dies. Nov 10, William rated it really liked it. Amy and Dan have to travel around in Timbuktu to collect what Vesper 1 requires as continual payment for the hostages.

In the meantime, the Cahill prisoners escape only to find they are in the Black Forest of Germany, but inevitably get captured again with the exception of Phoenix. Oct 01, Anmol rated it it was ok. Oct 25, Mith rated it it was ok Shelves: Hostages are not hostages for more than two days.

39 Clues Cahills vs Vespers: #4 Shatterproof

While on Erasmus, he broke inside the house through another exit, by the window. There are too many books, the plot rambles too much, and each book is too short for it to be worth the money spent on it. To ask other readers questions about Shatterproofplease sign up. We hate to love the bad ones, and love to hate some of the best ones. Jonah came and saw what happened.


To unlock the puzzles, Add the Book 4 cards to your online gallery now. Other Books By Linda: This book was a fast and easy read it was a children’s book, so I knew it wouldn’t take long. When he saw a branch hanging, he got it and went back to the surface. Yet, if you haven’t started the series yet, I would suggest to read it only if you are commited to the twenty or so books already made and the hundred or so more to come.

The 39 Clues – Trust No One

Goodness… How can he do such a thing? Plus, they use actors we recognize. See all 3 questions about Shatterproof…. I am looking forward to reading more of it, may be the story would take a better direction in the next book. To play Mission 5, add the Book 5 cards to your online gallery now. The story isn’t taking a very good shape- the suspense factor- nah! It probably has to do with this series’s stupid codes. Luna will kill Vanek, Erasmus was sure of it. Cards Add book cards to view.

It kept moving pretty quickly but the series is starting to lag a bit. Phoenix was desperate to survive. I already have suspicion on him that he might be the spy but I just ignored it for he was one of my favorite shatterpgoof, 3rd to be exact.

With a Vesper mole sabotaging the Madrigals from inside, Amy and Dan have to fulfill their enemy’s request before it’ After pulling some spectacular heists, Amy and Dan have become two of Syatterproof most wanted criminals.

Book Puzzles To unlock the puzzles, Add the Book 4 cards to your online gallery now. Barter was made and they escaped the hotel safely. I’m also worried about Dan and hope he can be shattterproof back from the brink cause he does seem to flues to a very dark place and he needs to remember who he is and not lose himself. With the help of Hamilton they carried Milos Vanek, chair and all into a safe place and left him.



And, yes, I know my math. After pulling some spectacular heists, Amy and Dan have become two of Interpol’s most wanted criminals.

He offered them his help but they declined. The source of the power has been hidden across the globe in the form of 39 Clues. They were exhausted but pleased. I also don’t believe that Ian is a traitor and actually feel sorry for the treatment he’s getting from the others, I think Amy should have listened to him at the end instead of blowing up and slamming the laptop shut on him. Sahtterproof Cahill Agents are standing by to hear your theories about Book 4.

Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. Do NOT trust the page numbers in Shatterproof.

Dan seems to coues the sweet Dan but all of a sudden, he is back to the dark side where he is thinking of making the potion. Self-inflicted, and I knew better. When all seams lost it gets worse. Oct 03, Lisa Brown rated it really liked it Shelves: Amy and Dan have drawn in the Rosenblum brothers into their circle of infinite madness, but they boys don’t shy away from shxtterproof at all. We’ll see in future books though, I may be wrong!