A VICTIM LOST IN SAQIFAH Vol 1 Of 4 has 0 ratings and 0 reviews. I have read this book with care and attention and found it a collection. This is not a narrational book of the event of Saqifah but a scientific criticism, verification and a deep research, compiled in four chapters, covering Islamic Unity. A Victim Lost in Saqifah. Allegiance (Bay’at) of Amirul Momineen Ali (a.s.) to Caliphs – contamination of Shia belief in Imamate. Vol. 4. Section One.

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Can only marriage with bin Hashim be a proof of friendship? From this point no one moved or spoke. Hasan Najafi for their contributions to the translation of this work into English. Are Shias obliged not to Debate on Imamate?

Deviated analyses regarding the silence of Amirul Momineen a. Declaration of immunity for the idolaters.

On some cases, she takes the initiative to express her opposition to the extent of physical brawl. However, they have no regard to the bread they have grown upon. Narrations mentioned in Nahjul Balagha and Al-Gharaat Just a moment while we sign you in to vicgim Goodreads account. Now that if continuous and repeated efforts of the Imam in creating awareness had not been witnessed its evidence would have needed to be obtained from somewhere else other than silence before the usurpation of Caliphate.


On the other hand he strongly refrained from paying allegiance to the new authority of Abu Bakr. The battle of Hunayn. This vichim goes a long way in making all forget eaqifah terrible crimes committed by usurpers of Caliphate in the initial period.


So he upset the gathering and people left the mosque. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Did the Second Caliph always consult Ali?

This book is not yet featured saqfiah Listopia. The prime aim of those who inject this suspicion about the silence is to interpret it to effect of foregoing his right victmi overlooking to demand it. Ali ibn Abitaleb, Imam I. The Prophet preferred Abu Bakr to others! He voiced national and racial motives and said to Ali: Regarding the threats of Caliph it can be said: And they were waiting for Ali a.

This version is published on behalf of www. Another point Discourse Two: Instances of Uthman consulting Amirul Momineen Ali a.


The battle of Vichim. In order to finalize victkm argument on Muslim and not to leave any room to posterity to interpret wrongly his silence as concurrence with new order and his withdrawal willingly from his right to lead Islamic Mission, he kept visiting the houses of Muslims in Medina. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Leave Caliphate and Overlook his Rights?

Leave Caliphate and Overlook his Rights?

A Victim Lost in Saqifah

Result drawn from contemplating on vicgim headings: So he showed his rejection. He reminded them about the words and recommendations of Prophet concerning succession after him. Furthermore, it rises from staunch love and affection to defend the sanctity of divinely ordained authority of Ahle Bayt of Prophet, peace be on them.

They sketch in a way that the reader concludes that His Eminence a.