The ActiveReports WebViewer control allows you to easily publish simple reports to the web for viewing in the browser. The client machine will not require. ActiveReports has been the greatest reporting tool for quite some time. Guess what, it’s even better now. ActiveReports(v8) now has an HTML5. Show All Hide All The ActiveReports WebViewer control allows you to easily publish reports to the web for viewing in the browser. The client machine does not.

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We should definitely not have added a code-behind, just added the event handler into the aspx. Setting the height and width to 0 allows you to print the report without displaying it. There are three add verb tags on that line which indicate the Version.

Right-click your Default Web Site and choose Properties. I thought i had the IgnoreRoute setup improperly because I was getting errors.

Sign up using Facebook. I thought that maybe I’d get some sort of response here at SO.

Localizing the Active Reports Web Viewer Control

This is done by syncing the LoadCompleted event of the viewer. Anyway, that was pretty simple, glad you found a solution! In our sample the WebViewer was added as follows:. I ended up using the answer found here: A copy is located at C: Collapse All Expand All.


To create an ASP.NET Web application with ActiveReports

Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Activerepkrts to be installed. In order to provide no touch printing in ASP. Aaron Palmer 5, 7 43 Therefore, if you have multiple of these IgnoreRoute commands vieeer or you have any problems with a. Report is an ActiveReport3. On the Home Directory tab, click the Configuration button.

You can add the WebViewer to a View normally. So my View looks like this in the end The icons are missing on my WebViewer control. Sign up using Email and Password. ArCacheItem does not appear click the Add button. In the Extension textbox type “.

To add the latest version of the control, right-click the toolbox and select Choose Items. Set the DataPath of the viewer object.

RenderControl htmlTextWriter and then voewer the results into ViewData and display the report in my view. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.

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There is no need for the complicated low-level interaction code in your example. RenderControl htmlTextWriter ; Line I have also debugged to verify that report.

The WebViewer also takes advantage of a report queueing technology to activerepofts the reports are executed and output efficiently. Webb have no code behind files for my views. Percentage ; webViewer. This can be anything from a byte array to a hard coded path.

MDB on a bit Wndows operating systema copy is located in C: The WebViewer does not support the use of Ole Objects. In our sample the WebViewer was added as activereoorts Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

It does not support the following items: I watch it go through debugger, and it seems to correctly step through the Details section, putting values into my fields. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Using the ActiveX ViewerType, this error occurs: