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Most of the pyramids are sited on the west bank of the Nile and they are grouped in a number of pyramid fields. After Snow faro his son Quto became firon who rule from to on Egypt. They face many problems and stole everything which they seen but when they are arrested they bear horrible death. Everything is nothingness in this world but history never dies. The Egypiat pyramids are located in Egypt.

Skip to main content. They are made by sprites or any other and some said that they are made from aliens. The most heighted of them whose height was ft at the time of making. In pyramid there is a narrow shaft which extend from the main burial chamber towards dark are of the sky.

If you get chance to visit the great sample of Ahram e Misr then the panic, awfulness, height, appearance of these great prisms impress you a lot and you also share your experience with your friends. Inan expert of archeology in Scotland named Charles pizi smith gave its theory that these tombs are made by Jewish slaves who are caught in the areas of Palestine and bring here to make such kind of tombs. In his rule, someone suggested him to make an Ahram of straight walls instead of stairs. If you not get a chance to visit them than you must have see the picture of these prisms that are in Egypt and are 4.

The above infomation is actually the safarnama in Urdu.

Ahram e Misr Urdu History – Ahram e Misr ke bare main ap kiya jante hain

This prism is called red prism. During this few hours stay he visited Cairo city and the Ahram e Misr with guide. The king is like deva for mis.


The most famous Egyptian pyramid name is the Pyramid of Khufa at Giza, it is the largest pyramid and is the only one of the seven wonders of world, jrdu are still exist. An Egyptian scholar Dr. When researchers research on it, many amazing facts appears.

Ahram e Misr Information In Urdu

There are many traditions which are engaged with the construction of Ahram e misr. From top to bottom, this prism makes an angle of 51 degree.

The every corner of that prism applicate on the north, south, east and west. Many pyramids are in poor condition and buried by dessert sand, if visible it appears very little. These are actually tombs uurdu pharaohs and their consorts.

During the construction of these tombs, a security problem arise because only mummies were not put in ahrm but also keep all accessories of life, diamonds, and jewelries along with them. Ahram e Misr History In Urdu. But before the making of that prism that constructers search a part of land which is equal and can bear the weight of the prism so they found the land near Qahira.

Ahram e Misr Urdu History – Ahram e Misr ke bare main ap kiya jante hain – video dailymotion

The estimated workers who made these pyramids varies from few thousands to hundreds thousands. Ahram e Misr Information In Urdu.

This was the man who made a very famous and great prism in the history of Egypt. They thought that the soul of pharaoh’s can go direct in heaven passing through the shaft of pyramid and then this dark area of the sky.

Mostly it is agreed that all pyramids are actually the burial monuments, but there are disagreements too. So an equal slide of Ahram was made.


After his theory, Jewish litigated that they are the real owner of these prisms. They make Ahram to show their love and respect for the king.

Ahram e Misr Information In Urdu |

Firon Snow faro rule on Egypt from to The shape of pyramid is thought to be the representative of sun ray’s descendance. Dur to these reflection pyramids are clearly visible from a large distance. These are the bed chambers of the kings of Egypt hisotry who call themselves that they are god.

But as the time pass and there changes comes and now its height decreases 30 ft. A question must come in your mind when you see the picture of Ahram e Misar that how they were build. Many of them mummies of these kings and their coffins are placed in the museums in the west. It is assumed that Egyptian pyramid are actually the primordial mount from where earth was created. The second list was presented in containing Egyptian pyramids. Egyptian believe that the dark area in sky surrounded by stars are the physical gateway into heaven.

In the old times, burglary is not so easy but no tomb is secure from burglary. Most of the pyramid external area is polished and made by white limestone from where sun rays are reflecting. Tourist visits the prisms and also interested to know about their history. Shoaib said that to know about the makers of Ahramwe have to know about the history.