In Alligation & Rule of Alligation, we study mixtures of two or more than two quantities that have different selling process or cost prices. In the section below, we. Alligation and Mixture Concepts and Formulas. Points to remember: Alligation: It refers to a rule that helps to find the ratio in which two or more ingredients at a. The questions on Mixtures and Alligations are asked repeatedly in CAT. Mixtures and Alligation Concepts for CAT Exam Preparation.

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In this post, we will focus on formulas that will help you solve Mixtures and alligation questions easily and also use the pictorial method of representation which wlligation make it easy for you to understand the question and solve them without any trouble.

Quantitative Aptitude – Arithmetic – Ratios – A stall sells popcorn and chips says: Number formats Automatic Science Fixed Decimals.

When we have to find the average of a given set of values, we just add those values and divide by the number of values in consideration. Let us begin with the subject matter on this topic. Read below for its solution using alligation.

Class A has 30 students scoring average marks of 20 and Class B has 45 students scoring average marks of What is the total quantity of the mixture?

Mixtures and Alligations for CAT Exam | Handa Ka Funda – Online Coaching for CAT and Banking Exams

Consider making a small contribution. Mixing 2 alloys containing 2 or more types of metals in different voncepts. Applying alligation method, So, the second and first solutions are in the ratio 2: Note that we are using the same values as in the above example. Find the ratio of number of girls and boys.


A mixture contains two or more ingredients of certain of certain quantity mixed together to get the desired quantity. Look at the answer options for that ratio. To sum up, this topic is one of the scoring areas though the weight age alligatoon not that big as compared to other topics but, we should focus on scoring easy marks first.

Mixtures and Alligation Concepts For CAT- Examples and Tricks

In what ratio mixtture a shopkeeper mix two types of rice worth Rs. Time and Work Concepts. We have seen the concept used in some of the Data Interpretation questions as well, so this cannot be overlooked.

When two or more components are mixed together then it is known as Mixture Mixture is of two types they are: Let us denote tea of Rs. Nevertheless this series will also contribute you all the tips and tricks to every miscellaneous sections and also all the important topics which are asked in the exams. He combines both mixtures. Best of luck for your preparation.

The data can be represented in an Alligation chart as given below and use it to find the ratio between the number of boys and girls in the class. Generally, in competitive exams like CAT or XATthe problems are not asked directly from these concepts, rather the techniques involved are applied for high difficulty level problems of CAT.

Suppose a container contains a solution from which some quantity of solution is taken out and replaced with one of the ingredients. How many litres of liquid A was there initially present in the vessel? Learning is a step by step process and you should gradually progress in that to ace the process. Let us look at another question where you can use. Got a discount code? If the averages of two groups are separately given and the average of the whole group is given, then we can find out the ratio between the groups.

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Mixtures and Alligation Concepts for CAT Exam Preparation

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Chemical X has A and B in the ratio 1: A process or rule for the solution of problems concerning the compounding or mixing of ingredients differing in price or quality. Read About Ratio and Alligatioon Part 1. Therefore 81 litres of water is added aalligation the new mixture. Concepts and Tricks Learn the shortcuts methods and formulas to solve questions based on Mixtures and Alligation.

Search Input your search keywords and press Enter. Here the prices of sugars are 50, 60, 90 and Here let us assume the initial value is 1 then Wine.

In what ratio should water be mixed with the wine worth Rs. There are three vessels of equal capacity holds milk concepst water in the ratio of 1: It can be easily found as its proportion in chemical X and Y is given and proportion of X and Y in P is also given.

Use the pictorial representation method to find the ratios. Thus possible pairs which can give mean alligatiin of is: How must a shop owner mix 4 types of rice worth Rs 95, Rs 60, Rs 90 and Rs 50 per kg so that he can make the mixture of these rice worth Rs 80 per kg?