Buy Mixer – Alto Ghibli 16FX. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. User’s Manual GHIBLI 16/ GHIBLI 16FX CHANNEL MIXING CONSOLE/WITH DIGITAL EFFECTS R LTO Version September Alto Professional Legacy Mixer GHIBLIFX. CHANNEL MIXING CONSOLE WITH DIGITAL EFFECTS. Alto Professional Legacy Mixer GHIBLIFX TECH.

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Speed 3 7 Vibrato2 Base Rev. Cleaning When required, either blow off dust from the product or use a dry cloth.

Do not perform any servicing other than those instructions contained within the User’s Manual. Do not remove Ground connections! This warranty does not apply to the damages to this ghkbli that occurred as the following conditions: You can use both for stereo and for surround system wiring. You can adjust the stereo image of the signal via this control.

Do not place heavy objects on the power cord. Do not short-circuit the fuse holder.

The product has been altered or modified in any way. Now repeat the same sequence for all other input channels.


These are voltages that may be sufficient to constitute the risk of electric shock or death. This dynamic processor works on the very entry stage of the channel and it can avoid also the channel clipping, maintain the best signal-to-noise ratio. In case of return for any warranty service, please make sure that the product is well packed in its original shipping carton, and it can protect your unit from any other extra damage.

An attentive use of this control will give you a very wide panorama of sound effects. It is used to boost male voice, kickdrum or 16dx guitar. Normal tear and wear. Speed 2 8 Vibrato1 Base Rev. Rugged construction ensures long life and durability External power supply design for professional applications.

To have 16fs signal-to-noise ratio set the gain so that the green 0dB LED becomes lighted. Also, make sure that all input and output controls of your mixer are turned down. To prevent fire and damage to the product, use only the recommended fuse type as indicated in this manual.

File:ALTO GHIBLI 16FX mixer.jpg

Please prepay all the costs involved in the return shipping, handling and insurance. Do not use any solvents such as Benzol or Alcohol. Of course a wide number of intermediate positions are available. Denotes the product is turned gihbli. Power Cord and Plug Do not tamper with the power cord or plug. A dry and clean cloth will be OK. This symbol, wherever used, alerts you to important operating and maintenance instructions.


Hazardous Live Terminal ON: It provides the following features: Turn this control fully counterclockwise and the signal will be present only on the left speaker and viceversa. Speed 4 6 Vibrato3 Base Rev. This feature allows you to connect two stereo sources at the same time for each stereo channel, enlarging the real number of signals you can manage at the same time.

Alto GHIBLI 16FX Manuals

Never cut internal or external Ground wires. Speed 4 14 Chorus3 Base Rev. For safety, keep product clean and free from dust.