Amar Bail is very impressive novel which indicate a very important part of our social circle. It is not any type of Amar Bail by Umera Ahmed. Amar Bail novel pdf free download is a romance of Umar Jehangir and Aleezay Sikandar, set-up from the background of bureaucratic tradition. Amar Bail (novel). likes · 21 talking about this. Book. Jannat Kay Pattay by Nemrah Ahmed · Farhat Ishtiaq · ””’***i LoVe t0 wALk in ThE RaiN””’***””’.

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The story was gripping and filled with a mixture of emotions. Sorry for all you “oh my God, this is the best thing written in the histories of histories”, but it wasn’t, y’all obviously need to expand your reading palette if you think this is “social” novel or a “romance”, its neither. Amar Bail is no ordinary book even though the ending was sad and made me cry buckets of tears it definitely touches your soul and eventually just like Aleezay you realize Words cannot describe the beauty of this book!

I’ve read some of Mazhar Kaleem’s work in his Imran series, and that was purely in Urdu. It matters on real issue, the issue I know or everyone in Noovel knows.

Now its been 4 years and I have read it many times since then.

Read Amar Bail Novel Online

She got married in and now living a happy life. And I finished it in two freaking days or within 24 hours. The entire Amar Bail novel was like having to sit through one of the dramas my mother is watching on TV. Sep 22, Muhammad Bin khalid rated it it was amazing. His fear that marriage would destroy them did nofel spout out of the blue, and unfortunately his fear never diminished.


Sep 14, Ramsha gulzar rated it it was amazing. She does something irrationally and then back tracks.

What was he battling? Nogel was the purpose for this being written. Many of its incidents are in my memory forever The last part of the book made me cry like a baby.

Amar Bail By Umera Ahmed (Last Part)

The entire story just made me depressed. I was thinking to watch the Drama series based on this novel but after looking at the star cast of the series I did not wanted to watch it at all I have imagined Umar and Aleezeh very different from the star cast in the series and my imaginary characters were very obviuosly very good; although Umera Ahmed never describes the looks of her characters. I think I haven’t read any story which had amag hero who was so selfless that he would prefer someone else for the girl he loves because he knew There are some novels which we love no matter how much we hate it’s ending, Amar Bail is one such novel.

I don’t understand the point of bby book. But I didn’t feel it. Also, even though there were moments which lead me to believe he loves Aleezay he never outright said so.


May 09, Sunny rated it really liked it. A corrupt bureaucrat system, social evils, nepotism, family oriented favours, broken families, A divorce in almost every family and wrong doings are amazingly portrayed in this novel. I am honestly grateful that Umera had ahned translated. Whenever something wrong happens, the grandmother begins is sorry cries and bashing of Aleezah.

I remember the time in eighth standard when everyone was gushing and crying buckets over Amar Bail and there was a constant fight in the school library. The entire book was like this review, utterly useless and a waste of time.

امربیل by Umera Ahmed

But I see some similarities in terms of writing. There are times you want to wrap him and take him far away from the corrupt world, and others when ahmde want to smack him silly. Amar Bail a love story between Umar Jehangir and Aleezay Sikandar, amzr broken souls from problematic families whose journeys are intertwined.

Honestly I was ripped into two halves after I read this book. It doesn’t help in visualization or setting the scenery of the plot. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.