Sister Jesme, born , is an academic from Kerala, India. She resigned from her post as of a Nun, Indian Express reviewing the book states that the book ” details the humiliation, “Amen: The autobiography of a nun by Sister Jesme”. Amen autobiography of Sister Jesme is a thrilling read. Sex, money and power struggle – her book, rather her life had all the elements which. Sister Jesme on why she wrote that controversial book Amen.

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On a lighter note, I gave you an award on my blog: Get to Know Us. The topic is interesting, but she writes about the interesting parts in only a few lines and the boring mundane parts in excruciating details.

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Amen: The autobiography of a nun

A person’s religious identity doesn’t link him to everyone sharing that identity. I am not sure if the movie is entirely true! This is not to say that I disbelieve what she has to say about the misdeeds within the church. The result was a Malayalam book that came out earlier this year and is now considered heretical or an eye-opener depending on the reader’s perspective.

Finally, she has enough and leaves the Congregation and goes into hiding. Read the news and Google the reviews. I remember watching Jurassic Park in a theater years after its release, in a small town.

See our Returns Policy. The cover carries a photograph of my body, across which are plastered my references to sex in the book, taken out of context.

She exposed the bad things happening under cover of Church system. While a nun can’t marry, a father can.


Hats of to her for courage of conviction and confidence She’s so everything that she actually deserves a YoSrJesmeSo set of jokes. Searing, sincere and sensitive, Amen is a plea for a reformation of the church and comes at a time of maen growing concern about nuns and priests. Related Topics Books Indian literature.

In fact they encouraged her to co-operate for their peace of mind. Sister Jesme was jeske outspoken on various issues such as donations among others which led to some of the senior sisters turning against her.

A life of sermonizing and spiritual marketingmajority of them leading a fradulent life unintrested in practising what they preach.

In the last few years, Jesme has become a rallying point for those questioning the church in Kerala. Over three decades ago, when she consigned herself to the nunnery, life seemed to have made a beautiful promise to Sister Jesme.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. To get the free app, enter mobile phone number. She is sincere about putting her problems that authority seemingly ignores like corruption and homosexuality.

Sister Jesmebornis an academic from KeralaIndia. Instead of leading a life away from the critical eyes of the public, she dared to come forward by publishing this book. Finally, she has enough and leaves the Congregation and goes into hiding. While that might be perfectly okay, the book drags in pace at places where such incidents are reported. Tuesday, March 31, – But now Sister Jesme thinks Jesus chose her to do the needful. Not many have the courage to take on the establishment and very few have the articulation to convey an experience as traumatic as the one described, so graphically.

The Autobiography of a Nunpublished by Penguin India, recently hit the stands.


Amen: The autobiography of a nun | VIOLET CRUSH

Read the book for it offers an insight into the world of Nuns and of course, for the bravery of Sister Jesme. It always makes me sad to see a book about an important subject with writing so bad it makes it hard to go through. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Sister Anita had joined the congregation in Aluva inand was part of a different congregation for almost a decade before that. You have corruption, sexual liaisons, petty jealousies, politics that will put our parliamentarians to shame, mind gamesrampant sexism, racism and good old simple hate.

I would like to exchange notes with you. Please Email the Editor. After joining the Church as a nun, she realizes that things are not like she thought they would be. Though, it seems it is. Mary’s Col Revelations about sexual misconduct within the Catholic Church are no longer news. Return to Book Page. Aug 24, Libin Jacob rated it liked it. Overall it is an average book Books are not only written to educate, they are written for leisure and even for the metamorphosis of the soul.

They perceived her as a threat. So this young girl decides to become a nun at the age of seventeen after a Retreat at her college. So where you expect an intelligent read, you are bombarded with paragraphs and paragraphs of praise and worship to a nun’s belief.