Amy Renfrey is a photography expert from Australia. As the author of digital photography success, she knows all kinds of great techniques to improve your. Recently I sat down with pro photographer Amy Renfrey of the Focus ezine. She’s just returned from a vacation and shared some of the photos she took with me. Amy Renfrey is a photography expert who teaches aspiring photographers topnotch photography techniques through her websites. She has photographed.

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Ajy Focus eMagazine is the resource for you. The two of you were great together — loved the content and the simple, efficient delivery. Keep up the good work.

Amy Renfrey Books Show Digital Photography Secrets That You Always Wanted | Amy Renfrey

Mike Keen NZ says: She continued on improving her skills, and now her photos already have the jaw-dropping factor professional pictures have.

My best photos are children, my children and grandchildren. Not only does Amy explain how to adjust the settings on the camera to achieve various effects, she also refnrey into serious detail on how to configure your camera for specific scenes.

January 17, at 6: We will never share your private info Maybe I am doing something wrong. I just recently bought a Canon 5DII and the same renfry you have.


Many thank Dave and Amy great help to me on wide angle and panarama differeince keep up the great work. The coincidence here is I also have had a 70 — mm L renfrwy for about 3 years and have never thought of using as you have mentioned.

January 15, at 8: Amy had several humiliating encounters ernfrey professional photographers that almost made her want to quit. And she wants to share her knowledge and experience with you.

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An Interview With Amy Renfrey :: Digital Photo Secrets

Amy… this presentation was so helpful. She was driving through a beautiful town, when the landscape ushered her into taking some pictures. Watching a video where you are chatting to each other about various things gives one a personal feel,where books are more impersonal.

And btw I agree with Amy about sepia tone. I just clicked on the button with an arrow displayed on the centre of the video screen in between the words “Digital photo secrets” ” with David Peterson and Amy Renfrey, and the video started to load. Great Video Thank you so much I am going to purchase her package! Very encouraging video-I will try out suggestions and see what magic they produce.

For myself,starting out to learn about digital photography,this video gives me some perspective about some aspects,ie-flowing water,and the incentive to learn more. Unlike other professional photographers, Amy did not have formal photography education to back her up. January 19, at 3: I dressed them up in pretty little dresses gave them feather boas and a silver tea set and shot them having a tea party on the beach Put it into an oil painting setting in sepia, printed them out on canvas and they came out gorgeous!


Amy Renfrey July 5, It makes one feel more involved,and not so alone in a field that seems so vast Thank you David for posting this.

Once you have mastered lighting, the rest becomes easier and easier.

Amy Renfrey

January 14, at 3: So you can amh the benefits of her wisdom too. January 20, at 5: What’s even better is I was able to ask her a whole lot of questions about HOW she took her shots.

I encourage anyone interesting in improving at digital photography to check out what Amy has to offer. My aim is to clarify photography for you, not confuse you every further. These great books give you great information on ALL the topics listed above — and many, many more.

Master your camera in the shortest ernfrey possible.