In this article we will present three non-surgical treatment options for chronic ankle pain. Prolotherapy, Platelet Rich Rich Plasma Therapy, and Stem Cell. In this retrospective observational study of chronic unresolved ankle pain, Hackett-Hemwall dextrose prolotherapy helped promote a. The ankle is the joint where the human foot and leg meet, consisting of a complex network of bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles. The ankle is strong.

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A systematic review of four injection therapies for lateral epicondylosis: If the tendon has a complete rupture then orthopedic surgery is required and referral will be made promptly. In this article, we will look at the treatment of ankle and foot injury with Prolotherapy.

Methodological quality of studies was determined using a modified evaluation tool developed by the Cochrane Musculoskeletal Injuries Group. It has been 15 years since my ankle was restored by Prolotherapy. Open in ankld separate window.

It takes an average of four to six treatments, spaced two to six weeks apart, to achieve full healing. In another study, Lyftogt [ 31 ] reported a mean reduction in VAS scores for three different prolotherapy regimens with results as follows: Regenerative injection therapy prolotheraph axial pain. As with the prplotherapy joint, HGH may be added depending on the clinical indication.

Eleven percent 2 stated that the only other treatment option for their chronic ankle pain was surgery see Table 1. Prolotherapy injections for treatment of Achilles tendinopathy Five studies of moderate to good methodological quality involving participants reported on management of painful Achilles tendinopathy with prolotherapy injections.


The Foot and Ankle Online Journal. The medial deltoid ligaments are injured much less commonly.

Participants mean age Dextrose prolotherapy for recalcitrant coccygodynia. The insertion point is just plantar to the navicular tubercle. The ankle is made up of:. These include ankle pain, weakness, and frequent sprains. The inflammatory process that occurs after an injury, exercise, or Prolotherapy is the same process by which the body regenerates injured structures to regain health, strength and function.

Subcutaneous prolotherapy for Achilles tendinopathy: Linetsky F, Machikanti L.

Ankle and Foot Treatment with Prolotherapy – Journal of Prolotherapy

The included studies were prolotherappy to one of three categories, based on the following comparisons: Prolotherapy injection of the sub-talar joint. Dextrose prolotherapy and corticosteroid injection into rat Achilles tendon. If the difference in mean effects between groups was not available, the SMD was calculated from the post-intervention mean scores and corresponding standard deviation.

All treatments were provided at no cost to the patients.

For an hour or two after the injections the patient will feel like he or she is walking on a golf ball. Physiatric Procedures in Clinical Practice.

Dextrose Prolotherapy Injections for Chronic Ankle Pain

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc. Oral and Maxillofacial Pain. Medial ligament or deltoid ligament is thicker than the lateral ligament and covers the bottom of the tibia and inner surfaces of the talus, navicular, and calcaneus Causes of ankle pain The most common reason for ankle pain is ankle sprain or any other kind of irregular twisting that might occur during sports or other physical activities.


The two studies relating to chronic plantar fasciopathy included in this review indicate that injections of dextrose and lignocaine reduces pain in the majority of participants. Introduction Lower-limb pain has been identified as a risk factor for locomotor disability, impaired balance, increased risk of falling and reduced health-related quality of life [ 1 ]. Options such as medications, physical therapy, steroid shots, bracing and surgery typically leave the patient with residual symptoms.

Prolotherapy injections and eccentric loading exercises for painful Achilles tendinosis: Treatment consisted of injecting a dextrose solution at specific ankle sites to stimulate healing of ligaments, tendons prolothherapy joints.

Specifically, patients were asked questions concerning years of pain, pain intensity, stiffness, number of physicians seen and medications prolotheerapy, quality of life concerns, psychological factors, and whether the response to prolotherapy continued after the treatment sessions stopped.