Luohan Quan or the Arhat Boxing originated from the Shaolin-style boxing. It has been called the hand tricks of Arhat, which consisted of 18 combating skills. Luohan (罗汉) is a term originating from Buddhism and is called Arhat (अर्हत) . Yongfu Luohan Quan (永福罗汉拳, Arhat Boxing from Yongfu, Fujian Province). Shaolin LuoHan (Arhat) Boxing [Geng Jun] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This dual language Chinese/English edition is beautifully.

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Three years later Liu left his master to travel alone and spent the rest of his life studying the art of fist plays and teaching youngster.

Shaolin Arhat Boxing The real chinese Traditional Shao Lin Kung fu Disc English Subtitles DVD

Liang Shou Zhong was a disciple of Chen Dongguan and selected as representative of Luohan boxing when government researchers came to Fuzhou in the ‘s as part of the martial arts collection activities. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Shaolin boxing styles “Shaolin boxing styles are very divers and complex. There are three empty hand sets: Zhangzhou is treasure house of traditional Fujian martial arts. Shi Deyang, 31st generation Shaolin bosing talks about 6 forms of big Luohan quan, [11] but most people only know these 3 forms.


Although he tried all he could, Liu could not shake off the monk’s hand. Zui Quan Drunkard Boxing In Zui Quan or the drunkard boxing, boxers falter, waddle, fall and sway just like drunkards.

Luohan quan – Wikipedia

The Changmei Luohan set although short with only 36 methods, is considered an advanced one. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. There are two other propositions about the origin of the mantis boxing. Sometimes in traditions this are split into Xiao and Da Luohan first two and last two parts. When delivering blows, the hands are in the shape of palm; when retreating, they are in the form of hooks.


Arhat boxing, according to legend, a record since the Indian monks Damour. They have to be fast to get the better of their opponents but their main tactic is to feign defence while trying to attack and aiming in one direction but attacking in another.

Disc The original Boxing Tree Of Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu Small Arhat Boxing 1 DVD

The original Luohan Quan was called the form Arhat boxing which was improved and developed through years of practice. What is lesser known or correlated is the practice of the White Lotus groups that were sub Daoist, Buddhist and general Chinese culural religious faiths that believed in the coming of the Matreiya as well as placing many historical and religious figures into their reverance system.

Since Master Xi was already versed in indigenous boxing methods of Zhejiang and the styles close resemblance of that, it is likely that this style really took the concept of Luohan but consists of local boxing methods therein.

There are 72 movements in Kanmen Luohan which are often split into 4 parts – it is the first two that boxign the most. After he completed his exercises, the monk told Liu that his routines were good for maintaining health but not for fighting enemies. The legend suggests creation of something thought to be 18 hands of luohan.

Luohan style is the oldest and the representative style of Shaolin kung fuso that the name Luohan quan is sometimes considered an equal name for the whole vast system of Shaolin Temple martial arts.

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Arhat boxing requirements on a quest, step to change, the body such as the rudder, flexible, pay attention to “take out” and “protection”, cliffide flower power requirements.

Movements are direct and practical. It later became the form small Arhat boxing, the form big Arhat boxing and the form Arhat boxing. Learn more about Amazon Prime. The White Lotus group of which the Ming Dynasty originated from was very big on the idea in the Qing dynasty. Retrieved from ” https: Because boxers form their hands into the shape of an eagle’s claw, their style came to be called Yingzhao Quan. The northern-style eagle claw boxing features comfortably spared movements which are aesthetically pleasing while the southern-style features delicate but spectacular acrobatic tricks.

Once he was seen practising his martial art by the abbot of the temple who praised him and taught him the Shaolin style of boxing and cudgel plays. Eventually Miao was promoted to be the supervisor of the temple and was asked to teach the martial arts to other monks.

Tantui Leg Flicking Boxing Tanntui or leg flicking boxing is also called pond legs. There is a famous saying, “all martial arts under heaven originated from Shaolin,” and all styles at Shaolin originated from Luohan 18 hands and Luohan quan. The last two were to be added much later even as late as the 17th century. After he taught others the style was known as Xiangdian in consideration of its origins with Master Fang.

The methods are mostly done by the palms of the hands.