The assessment of language learners is having a growing impact in English language teaching and applied linguistics. A formal evaluation of students writing . “Writing is a key skill in second language learning and all teachers need to evaluate their students’ writing abilities. The issues surrounding the assessment of. Sara Cushing Weigle – Assessing – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf ), Text File .txt) or read book online.

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The Hayes model, while complete in many respects, has weitle short- comings with respect to second-language writing. The assessment of language learners is having a growing impact in English language teaching and applied linguistics.

Buy the selected items together This item: As a result, the ability to speak and write a second language is becoming widely recognized as an important skill for educational, business, and personal reasons.

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Finally, I would like to thank my family for their support. However, in recent years a consensus has been emerging to reconcile these two positions: Proficiency in language used 4. For the purposes of this discussion, I am following Douglaswhose formulation is a slight modification of the Bachman and Palmer framework. Before we can make decisions about designing assessment tasks or scoring procedures, we need to consider a number of key questions.

For example, in a general-purpose English test for EFL learners, writing tasks that simu- late the type of writing that these learners might be expected to accomplish can be fairly easily identified: It is a process that can be used to solve one of the fundamental problems of writing, which is to generate content without the benefit of a conversation partner, as discussed saar in this chapter.

The Hayes model attempts to outline the various influences on the writing process, particularly those in- ternal to the writer, while the Bereiter and Scardamalia model ad- dresses the different processes followed by expert versus novice writers. Bachman and Palmer conceptualize strategic competence as having three main components: For example, imagine that test takers were asked to write out directions to a party.


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Therefore, instead of attempting to maximize each quality of usefulness, the task of the test developer is to determine an appropriate balance among the qualities for the specific situation. Checklist for portfolio contents assssing Portfolio plus: A written acknowledgement could never sufficiently convey my gratitude to them, but I hope that a trip to the writong cream store will be a good start.

Test usefulness and the appropriate balance among the different qualities cannot be prescribed in general, but must be determined for each specific testing situation.

They point out that variation in writing in different cultures does not reflect inherent differences in thought patterns but rather ‘cultural preferences which make greater use of writihg options among the linguistic possibilities’ Grabe and Kaplan For the purposes of this book, it is important to be aware of these issues because the social context of writing influences, among other things, the choice of genre and task in writing assessment. To summarize, it is clear from the above discussion that the writing needs of different groups of second-language learners are quite varied in terms of both cognitive demands and communicative function.

On the other hand, the absence of an addressee presents a challenge to writers that speakers do not face: Finally, a model of test usefulness is presented, writibg provides a systematic approach to considering various aspects of tests that make them more or less useful for a given situation.

In her final chapter, the author looks assessinng to examine the effects of technology on weige itself, and on writing pedagogy, as well as the potential contributions of new technologies to writing assessment. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.


For the second group, foreign-language learners, there may be even less necessity for real-world writing, depending on their personal and professional goals, and on the usefulness of assssing second language as an inter- national means of communication. Written texts can thus be placed into the grid created by the intersection of these two axes. Eva rated it it was amazing Jun 12, Finally, an interactive task witing engage the writer’s interest so that he or she is able to perform at an optimal level.

It meant that I had to create an English self and be that self. An example of a task schema is a schema for revision, as mentioned above.

In Chinese, writers tend to provide a series of examples without stating the main point of the example or tying them together through a generalization, in contrast to the English preference for transparent, explicit connections in prose Matalene, ; cited in Leki, These children need to learn to read and write in a language that is not spoken in their home in order to succeed in school and ultimately in the workplace. I have a whole bunch of ideas and write down until my supply of ideas is exhausted.

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I am grateful for the support and encouragement of my colleagues at Georgia State University. Functional uses of written language B. First, academic writing outside of a testing situation weigls involves the use of source materials as input, in the form of assigned readings, lectures, and class discussions.