Athanasius Kircher, S.J. was a German Jesuit scholar and polymath who published around 40 .. The Musurgia Universalis () sets out Kircher’s views on music: he believed that the harmony of music reflected the proportions of the. Musurgia universalis sive ars magna consoni et dissoni in. X. libros digesta. Romae: Ex typographia Haeredum Francisci. Corbelletti, Kircher, Athanasius. German born, Jesuit trained, Athanasius Kircher () survived the varied contemporary musical standing was his Musurgia universalis sire ars magna.

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His syncretic approach disregarded the boundaries between disciplines which are now conventional: Musurgia universalis, sive ars magna consoni et dissoni. He studied malaria and the plagueamassing a collection of antiquitieswhich he exhibited along with devices of his own creation in the Museum Kircherianum. Anatomy meets polyphony, perhaps? Much of the significance of his work arises from Kircher’s rational approach towards the demystification of projected images. Kircher speculates on the music of early cultures and reproduces a melody he claimed to have seen on a manuscript in Sicily dating back to ancient Greece, making it if authentic the oldest surviving example of musical notation.

Athanasius Kircherus2 May — 28 November was a German Jesuit scholar and polymath who published around 40 major works, most notably in the fields of comparative religiongeologyand medicine. This book is a case in point. Kircher’s patron Peiresc had claimed that the clock’s motion supported the Copernican cosmological model, the argument being that the magnetic sphere in the clock was caused to rotate by the magnetic force of the sun. Boston College Magazine Spring feature.

Musurgia Universalis (Kircher, Athanasius)

This was followed by his assignment to Heiligenstadtwhere he taught mathematicsHebrew and Syriacand produced a show of fireworks and moving scenery for the visiting Elector Archbishop of Mainzshowing early evidence of his interest in mechanical devices.

Our copy is outstanding for its finely hand coloured illustrations. Kircher had an early interest in Chinatelling his superior in that he wished to become a missionary to that country.

Under the Trinity we find the nine angelic, four-voice choirs, singing a part canon by Romano Micheli. For most of his professional life, Kirchee was one of the scientific stars of his world: Athanasius KircherS.


Once the phrase to be set had been analyzed into its fundamental syllabic units, each of these could be set to an example taken from a wand of the appropriate type.

A Man musugria Misconceptions: Kircher, in this work, also describes various experiments with acoustic spaces and sound theory.

On a visit to southern Italy inthe ever-curious Kircher was lowered into the crater of Vesuviusthen on the brink of eruption, to examine its interior. He also experimented with the acoustic resonance of various elements of nature: Musurgia Universalis is an exhaustive compendium of musical knowledge at the transition point between sacred renaissance polyphony and secular Baroque music.

Other devices created the illusion of talking statuary, hydraulically powered mechanical music-playing automata, the aeolian harp which was revived and venerated by the English romantic poets as a model of divine inspirationthe hearing aid, and the arca musarithmica: The middle section is dominated by a globe of the World, on which is seated Musica, holding the lyre of Apollo and the panpipes of Marsyas.

The cockerel’s music has the familiar portamento at the end of each phrase; as usual the cuckoo’s call is notated as a falling minor third. Many surviving compositions by Frescobaldi, Froberger and other baroque masters are due to Kircher’s extensive transcriptions and reproductions of scores in Musurgia. He understood that fossils were the remains of animals. Each type of wand corresponded to a particular metrical unit e.

In he was called to Vienna by the emperor to succeed Kepler as Mathematician to the Habsburg court. Wikimedia Commons has univegsalis related to Athanasius Kircher. The strip of text reads: Although Kircher’s work was not mathematically based, he did develop various systems for generating and counting all combinations of a finite collection of objects i. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Posted by peacay at 9: Other machines designed by Kircher include an aeolian harpautomatons such as a statue which spoke and listened via a speaking tubeathanaeius perpetual motion machineand a Katzenklavier “cat piano”.

Notify me of new comments via email. In the late 20th century, however, the aesthetic qualities of his work again began to be appreciated. He interpreted mountain ranges as the Earth’s skeletal structures exposed by weathering.

Kircher Musurgia Universalis

It makes reference to similar pages in some of Kircher’s other volumes, particularly the triangle and globe symbols. Easy Lessons in Egyptian Hieroglyphics. Kircher’s research in musutgia and acoustics led to many innovations and inventions, particularly in the area of amplification and sound design, which he would expand upon in his Phonurgia nova Kempten The panel below bears a legend which translates as: Kircher described the construction of a “catotrophic lamp” that used reflection to project images on the wall of a darkened room.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here An Outline of the Development of the Evolution Idea. This is a wonderful illustration of the hydraulic organ’s mechanism; it is shown driving several automata simultaneously, like the Pythagorean blacksmiths on the left and the creatures dancing round the atjanasius on the right.

InKircher discovered the ruins of a church said to universaliz been constructed by Constantine on the site of Saint Eustace ‘s vision of Jesus Christ in a stag’s horns. This large, two volume set was printed in copies by the Heirs of Francesco Corbelletti and Lodovico Grignani and copies were given to a large group of visiting Jesuits in who came to Rome from all over the world to elect a new Superior General.

His methods and diagrams are discussed in Ars Magna Sciendi, sive Combinatoria By using this site, you yniversalis to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Music or Animal Abuse? Mundus Subterraneus includes several pages about the legendary island of Atlantis including a map with the Latin caption “Situs Insulae Atlantidis, a Mari olim absorpte ex mente Egyptiorum et Platonis descriptio.

A fine Guidonian hand there, not to mention those excellent lutes and viols. The triangle at the top is the symbol of the Holy Trinity and sheds its rays over the whole of the top of the picture.

Some other works by Kircher in Special Collections: In A Man of Misconceptionshis book about Kircher, John Glassie writes that while “many of Kircher’s actual ideas today seem wildly off-base, if not simply bizarre,” muaurgia he nusurgia “a champion of wonder, a man of awe-inspiring erudition and inventiveness,” whose work was athanasiud “by the smartest minds of the time.