Athanasius Kircher, S.J. was a German Jesuit scholar and polymath who published around 40 .. The Musurgia Universalis () sets out Kircher’s views on music: he believed that the harmony of music reflected the proportions of the. Musurgia universalis sive ars magna consoni et dissoni in. X. libros digesta. Romae: Ex typographia Haeredum Francisci. Corbelletti, Kircher, Athanasius. German born, Jesuit trained, Athanasius Kircher () survived the varied contemporary musical standing was his Musurgia universalis sire ars magna.

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Musurgia ,ircher is an exhaustive compendium of musical knowledge at the transition point between sacred renaissance polyphony and secular Baroque music. Towards the end of Kircher’s life however, his stock fell, as the rationalist Cartesian approach began to dominate Descartes himself described Kircher as “more quacksalver than savant”. He published over 40 works during his life in widely varying fields such as medicine, optics, geology, natural philosophy and music.

BibliOdyssey: Musurgia Universalis

Kircher, in this work, also describes various experiments athanaskus acoustic spaces and sound theory. His syncretic approach disregarded the boundaries between disciplines which are now conventional: Other items of interest Other copies of the musurgiia of the Musurgia Universalis: Mundus subterraneus, quo universae denique naturae divitiae.

In Kircher’s system, ideograms were inferior to hieroglyphs because they referred to specific ideas rather than to mysterious complexes of ideas, while the signs of the Maya and Aztecs were yet lower pictograms which referred only to objects. As few of Kircher’s works have been translated, the contemporary emphasis has been on their aesthetic qualities rather than their actual content, and a succession of exhibitions have highlighted the beauty of their illustrations.


He based himself in the city for the rest of his life, and from [9] he taught mathematics, physics and Oriental languages at the Collegio Romano now the Pontifical Gregorian University for several years before being released to devote himself to research. This large, two volume set was printed in copies by the Heirs of Francesco Corbelletti and Lodovico Grignani and copies were given to a large group of visiting Jesuits in who came to Rome from all over the world to elect a new Superior General.

Retrieved October 30, Later, traveling to Heiligenstadthe was caught and nearly hanged by a party of Protestant soldiers. Enter your search terms Submit search form.

The plate above, meanwhile, is from the section discussing Hebrew instruments. Whenever possible we try to attribute content images, videos, and quotes to their creators and original sources. The quater-centenary of the birth universaalis the Jesuit polymath, Father Athanasius Kircherseemed an appropriate moment to examine one of the most famous volumes of his works in Special Collections – the Musurgia Universalis published in two volumes in Rome in The colouring of this page by an unknown artist, perhaps a previous owner is one of the more successful attempts at the ujiversalis in the two volumes of the work held by the University of Glasgow.

On the way, his ship was blown kircjer course and he arrived in Rome before he knew of the changed decision. Tuesday, July 24, Musurgia Universalis. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Athanasius Kircher SJ – ‘Musurgia Universalis’, 1650

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Athanasius Kircher. Under the Trinity we find the nine angelic, four-voice choirs, singing a part canon by Romano Micheli. Hi Julia, Thank you for the lovely comment. Wurzburg was shortly afterwards attacked and captured, leading to Kircher being accorded respect for predicting the disaster via astrology, wthanasius Kircher himself privately insisted that he had not relied on that art.


Online at the University of Strasbourg: Kircher was largely neglected until the late 20th century. The Athanasius Kircher Correspondence Projectbetween the Universities of Stanford and Milan, shows us something of the quality and variety of Kircher’s eight hundred-plus regular correspondents: According to the Egyptologist Sir E.

In his Polygraphia novaKircher proposed an artificial universal language. A Man athanasuus Misconceptions: Except where otherwise noted, the content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3. He ascribed large bones to giant races of humans. Written in a transition point between sacred renaissance polyphony and secular Baroque music, this survey fosters the idealization of music as a human emotion.

The book includes plans for constructing water-powered automatic organsnotations of birdsong and diagrams of musical instruments. Views Read Edit View history. Kircher analyzed the dimensions of the Ark; based on the number of species known to him excluding insects and other forms thought to arise spontaneouslyhe calculated that overcrowding would not have been a problem.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Schmidt, referred to Kircher as “the last Renaissance man “.

He did, however, correctly establish the link between the ancient Egyptian and the Coptic languages, and some commentators regard him as the founder of Egyptology. Email required Address never made public. Music or Animal Abuse? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.