Buy Avtech AVN80X MP Fixed Indoor Network Camera with Push Video: Bullet Cameras – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Do you have iPhone or Android phone? AVN will be your never sleep housekeeper. It will immediately delivers the event video to you (Push Video) to let you. Offering the leading brands in IP network surveillance cameras and accessoriese with Free Shipping! Click here to find your AVTECH camera at the lowest price!.

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First, this is a regular daytime image taken indoors with ample lighting. Posted by GhostRider at You can see the PIR Human Detection Sensor on the lower right side of the camera; the mic is next to the camera lens on the left.

AVTECH AVN | AVTECH AVN | Mega pixel Push Video IP Camera –

The configuration screens were intuitive, comprehensive and simple to use. Is there a specific camera that I should go for? Company website is — www. Last time I compared the camera to the comparable Axis M In most of these images, clicking on the image will show you the full-sized larger image in a new window. The image from the Foscam has washed out and inaccurate color the black pillows look light blue. Using the browser the wizard will guide you most of the important setup features and then you can browse the configuration page where you can adjust each setting to your liking.


This can be turned off if you do not wish to hear sound and I found the mic very sensitive. About What should we review next? It provides very good image quality, HD resolution, PIR motion detect, audio with built-in microphone and their Push Video feature including free iPhone and Android apps aavtech well as free CMS software to record and view multiple cameras.

To me, what really sets this camera apart was its avgech quality for this price point. In this landscape mode, the image takes up the entire screen —.

Quality is superb when viewing live and beats any other IP camera I have seen on the market. If an intruder breaks avtdch your home or business, you want to be alerted as soon as possible and not only that, you want to see what is going on immediately.


Thursday, 12 January Can you suggest a few cameras for remote viewing of video?

You can easily change the live view resolution to suit your needs, this is what it looks like with lines of resolution You configure the camera by selecting Config from the menu bar and the configuration options are selected from a navigation bar on the left. I purchased a Lorex 4 camera setup so I could remotely see video of our house along the bay. Many cameras offer the ability to send an email alert or pictures via email, but it can take several minutes for the email to get to your smartphone.

Look for cameras that have alarm inputs to use an external PIR motion detector. In this landscape mode, the image takes up the entire screen — In portrait mode, the image is smaller and displays additional buttons and settings.

This is the supplied VideoViewer application; you can view multiple cameras at the same time locally and remotely. This shows a view of one camera If you have multiple AVTech cameras, you can setup a view to see all of them You can configure recording based on various criteria including motion and timed based events and set recording options on this screen Conclusion The AVTech AVN is a fantastic value in a lower price range than the AVN80X.

I saw you have posted on their forum before.

AVTECH AVN 801| AVTECH AVN801 | 1.3 Mega pixel Push Video IP Camera

What sets AVtech cameras in the Push Video series apart from other brands is the Push Video feature with 5 second event video call. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! And the option to change quality to suit your connection type is an advantage you can go from QVGA up to P. I have finally given up after a month avtecy trying and will uninstall and return the entire system. Is this a good camera for the versa 3?

Whilst viewing the camera you have audio thanks to the built in microphone. I worked weekly with techs at Lorex, got a new router and modem. They have a new vandal IR 2MP dome that they claim solves the issues they had with their previous 1.


For Linux you can use Firefox browser. As you can see, the AVTech image was clean, noise free, crisp and very accurate colors compared to the Foscam, in a brightly lit room. The built in memory of 10mb can store footage and is overwritten when another event occurs, or you can select for the events up to 3 to be not overwritten.

The next image was taken at night, almost complete darkness only the light from the holiday tree. Another comparison may be to a Foscam to see what a little more money would get you in image quality. A complete HD survaillance package that works well for home and business security.

But to start off, when fist connect to the camera, it will starts the wizard to guide you or you can bypass the wizard and setup the camera through the menus. As you can see from the sample images below, the quality is amazing when viewed locally on your network and even remotely over a mobile 3G connection. Connecting remotely to the Lorex system became a nightmare. In contrast, the Push Video feature sends you an alert in a few seconds.

Other then that, fantastic blog! The DPTZ pan,tilt,zoom feature allows you to zoom and move around the image for closer viewing.

If you do put it outdoors in a salt-air cautic environment, you may want to get a decent dome.

From here you can take a snapshot, control the microphone, view full screen and such. Because the mounting position is not very high I thought it would be a good idea to opt for a vandalism protection housing. Avyech, I think your site might be having browser compatibility issues. Another comparison may be to a Foscam to see what a little more money would get you in image quality But to start off, when fist connect to the camera, it will starts the wizard to guide you or you can bypass the wizard and setup the camera through the menus.