The existence of both the Slayers d20 as well as the Besm Slayers books has recently been brought to my attention. I was wondering if anyone. Well. Since FFG didn’t get Smuggler’s Run done by the end of October, I s’pose I have to patch the lack of RPG’ey fun with this book, then. Index system Search: Big Eyes, Small Mouth (25 results) Big Eyes, Small Mouth Generic. The Slayers, Guardians of Order, Big Eyes, Small Mouth

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If you pass the check by 10 points or more, you halve the Drain you suffer. In truth, she doesn’t care which force wins; she just enjoys watching the conflict as a source of amusement from her eternal ennui. Through the series there were a collection of interesting villains that any DM should learn from, either from what to do, or what not to do.

Those short stories got converted into comics, then later into animu, in series, minis series and movie formats. Black Magic draws its powers from the dark, destructive, negative energies embodied by the Mazoku.

BESM THE SLAYERS NEXT: Anime Roleplaying Rpg Sourcebook – Book #2 – $ | PicClick

Add in that you need to know the incantations, and that not every spell is just in a public library waiting for some yahoo to memorize it, and that keeps most of the powerful mages aligned to the various sorcery guilds. He hates looking like a freak and is always out to find a cure for his condition.

These allow players to represent half-breeds or chimeras – a chimera is literally just a character that takes a base race and then takes two or more templates. However, a sustained spell is less taxing; a successful Control Check causes them to sustain the spell without any drain, whilst failing the check still only inflicts half the normal drain for that spell.

Lina Inverse is our star, a Chaotic Neutral Black Mage who has an uncanny aptitude for the most destructive spells in her setting, most famously the Dragon Slave, which is pretty much THE biggest boom in the canon. In this 13 episode, the Slayers meet Pokota, a cursed prince who is looking for some way to restore his lost kingdom.

Also, if you’re a dumbass, then you’re naturally not going to be very good at magic – the Slayers’ creator has actually claimed Gourry’s talent for sorcery rivals Lina’s, but because he’s such an absent-minded dreamer, he could never remember the incantations, and so he can’t cast spells.


This page is in need of cleanup.

Much of Slayers material was incorporated into Advanced d20 Magica setting-independent book that continued to be in print after the license on Slayers bwsm.

A good example of how a DMPC can be used in a game without actually hurting the game. Pokota is a prince whose people were experimented upon by Rezo, resulting in him being ripped out of his body and stuck in the body of a living doll.

Well, suffice it to say, there is a happy ending. Using a magic sword and near equal fighting skill he holds his own, and shows to be useful to the heroes now and again, but never stealing the spotlight. Possessing authority over the otherwise undetailed underworld of the Slayers dimension, he has the power to raise the dead and slay the living with just a thought.

BESM THE SLAYERS NEXT: Anime Roleplaying Rpg Sourcebook – Book #2

The general plotline is that Lina Inverse goes running around looking for bandits to rob and ruins to loot, but keeps getting embroiled in bigger shit. The main character is an absurdly overpowered sorceress Lina Inverse and her companions. His healing and protective magic are second to none, but she is comically inept at casting offensive spells.

She charged the Shinzoku with preserving their chosen world, and the Mazoku with destroying it. But when they succeed at that, it only leads to more problems; it turns out Gaav wanted Lina dead because her personally designed ultimate spell, the Giga Slave, is actually an invocation of the Lord of Nightmares – which means that if Lina ever loses control of it, she will annihilate the entire universe! Ironically, she predates many of the cliches of the genre she’s a spot-on parody of.

When things go wrong, the three are forced to fight together to prevent this fragment of the ultimate evil from annihilating the world. Area of effect and damage are multiplied by the number of casters merging spells doubled, tripled, quadrupled, etcunless the spells have different values to the others, in which case it’s the largest individual value that applies.

In the second arc, “The Copy Rezo Arc”, Lina’s party grows to include Amelia, and they find themselves having do to battle with Copy Rezo, an insane clone of the Red Priest who wants to annihilate them all in vengeance. From itself, the Lord of Nightmares has created the various worlds, which are depicted as plates sitting atop cosmic pillars that rise from this golden sea. Air Shamanism grants flight, razor sharp wind projectiles, lightning bolts and protective barriers.


Season three, “The Slayers Try”, opens up the Slayers world. Now, that barrier has fallen, and the party reunites with plans of exploring the strange new realms beyond.

As touched upon under Plot, because of the rather Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun is a well-meaning, cheerful, good-hearted white mage princess who thinks she’s in an old-school magical girl-style series, and conducts herself accordingly.

The title refers to the title under which Central Park Media released the three seasons of the television series.

The Slayers d20 – Wikipedia

Despise this, somehow she manage to learn how to use the Dragon Slave in the same level that Lina. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. Ceipheed then vanished, and is implied to have been mortally wounded. You can help 1d4chan by expanding it. Pretty good at swordfighting, actually, and wields the setting equivalent of a lightsaberbut, well, is ultimately stuck being the sole single-classed fighter in a series where everyone else at least dips something a bit more In the movies, her companion is the battleslut wizardess, Naga the white serpent notable for her huge tits and annoying laughter.

Of the five, we only know real details about the first two. He wears a badass anachronistic gold trench slagers. Whilst the precise cast of characters and more importantly details on those characters varies between the bedm novel and anime continuities, there’s still a pretty solid core set.

This requires a brsm Control Check each round; fortunately, all of the original bonuses the caster benefited from when they first cast the spell still apply to each Control Check they make whilst sustaining a spell. Magic in the Slayers universe is most deeply detailed in the light novels, but the anime shares pretty much the same ground. Now, this is pretty flavorful, slayees since the Wizard class in Slayers D20 is still running off a D6 hit dice mechanic, it’s inherently flawed; spells quickly become too taxing on hit points to be worth casting at all, which really messes up the paradigm.

Oh, those are rare slayrs – Lina Inverse has the only set known in the series, and she had to steal those off of Xellos.