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Training versus social networks. Physician-teacher characteristics associated with learner-centered teaching skills. Effects of learning skills interventions on student learning: Inclusion, representation and authority.

Learning Process Questionnaire Manual. Towards a post agenda for teaching and learning. International medical education and future directions: Evaluation to Improve Learning.


ABSTRACT In the context of medical school instruction, the segmented approach of a focus on specialties and excessive use of technology seem to hamper universitaeio development of the professional—patient relationship and an understanding of the ethics of this relationship.


The strategic roles of the academy. Medical Teacher, 32, A New Paradigm for Undergraduate Education. Abstract In the new educational scenario of the European Higher Education Area EHEA becomes very relevant learning students while developing skills that help them in their future professional practice.

Biggs, J. – Citas de Google Académico

Advances in Health Sociences Education, 21, Prieto Navarro, Leonor Coord. Potential barriers to this agenda are an underinvestment in ambulatory care infrastructure and community-based health care facilities, as well as in information technology offered at these facilities; an inflexible departmental culture; and an environment centered on a discipline-based medical curriculum.

Learning strategies and learning styles. British Medical Journal, World Health Organization Innovative Higher Education, 37 5 Medical Teacher, 18, Innovation in how to assess group work to motivate students’ attention. This is aprenddizaje be done through the assessment.

As accessible as a book on a library shelf: Current Use, Calculation, and Interpretation. Social participation in health in Brazil and England: The full licence can be consulted on Creative Commons.

Article Tools Indexing metadata. Making interprofessional education work: From Teaching to Learning. Active learning in a Year 2 pathology curriculum.

Small-group peer teaching bjggs an introductory biology classroom.


The real world presents complexities that require multiple approaches. They may be copied, distributed and broadcast provided that the author and the journal that publishes them, tic. PDF Restaurar Eliminar de cqlidad permanente. Disseminating educational innovations in health care practice: Video-based cases disrupt Deep critical thinking in problem-based learning.

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