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OlderisbetterDec 5, Skelton in Cleveland U. Well probably the best place to start is maybe get involved with this thread on garagejournal britkol it’s another forum but it’s the best I could think of to help winchman out.

The factory in Owen Road as it is today, under different ownership.


In fact they produced an enormous range of tools, mainly spanners or wrenches. In Shaw’s took over the old Clyno factory in Bushbury, taking with them to the new premises Jenks Brothers and Britool. I still have a hex short extention as a drift There was a hex drive set at the steel works garage when i was an apprentice 55years ago and it wasn’t used as the square drive had super ceded it then.

I did have cataligue catalogue from them catalpgue was sent out to retailers, As i recall it had part numbers in it,I will have a look around and see if i can find it and make a. Specifically the chap below actually has catalogues.


You must log in or sign up to reply here. Note the prominence given to Jenks Brothers as owners. On the left the cover of the catalogue datalogue and, on the right, a display board of tools from that catalogue. Below are two more pages from the same catalogue. Return to the list of companies.

No, create an account now. In Britool were taken over by James Neill and therefore became “a member of the James Neill group of companies”.

Expert Tool Store – The Home Of Facom & Britool Expert

British Tool and Engineering Co. After Britool left others occupied the works including, according to local informants, a lavatory paper maker. Fourth Avenue runs along the front of the factory at the bottom of the picture. This Britool advertising mug was kindly lent to us. An advert from This is the problem with collecting you get nothing cwtalogue months then a load all of a sudden, he is still at school and works a Zero hours contract so works up and down for him, but considering he started out with sockets he now has a Tool chest and a fair few big spanners.

RocketmanDec 5, The cover photo and the photo, right, from inside the catalogue, show examples of the socket sets for which the company was renowned. The advert only hints at the range of tools.

In their own entry in the Wolverhampton Official Handbook for Britool say that “Britool Limited was incorporated in Wolverhampton in “. I wonder what history is behind King Dick tools? Do you already have an account?


I’ve been though my stash of “random things from clearouts” and that was all the Britool I cataloue find. Log in or Sign up. RocketmanFeb 16, Neills claimed to be one of the largest tool manufacturing organisations in the world. Here are two examples, from the catalogue, showing “merchandisers”. Robotstar5Feb 15, In Britool was bought by the international group Facom and, at some point, aroundmoved from Bushbury to Walsall Road, Cannock, where they still make a vast range of hand tools.

But the Curator would know nothing about that.


Your name or email address: The pictures below give some idea of the type and range of tools for which Britool were famous when they were in Wolverhampton. In the same entry Britool claim that “after pioneering the first full range of bihexagon ring and socket wrenches to be produced and marketed in England, the company rapidly gained a reputation for the manufacture of high quality engineers hand tools”.

An aerial perspective sketch of the new works in Bushbury. So any ideas how we can produce the alloy badge?