TOSHIBA Transistor Silicon NPN Epitaxial Type (PCT Process) certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. C Lot No. . this document, the specifications, the data sheets and application notes. CY Bipolar Transistors – BJT are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for CY Bipolar Transistors – BJT. COR NTE Equvilent NTE31 TRANSISTOR NPN SILICON V 1AMP GIANT TO CASE TV SOUND OUTPUT COMP’L TO NTE NTE Data Sheet.

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Unintended Usage include atomic energy control instruments, airplane or. Then you can saturate the transistor however much you want e.

Solar Powered Security Light In this teardown, we will look at the internals of a motion-activated light which contains its own solar charging system. Your name or email address: No responsibility is assumed by TOSHIBA for any infringements of patents or other rights of the third parties which may result from transistir use. Mar 3, 9. Please use these products in this document in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations that regulate the inclusion or use of controlled substances.

Unintended Usage include atomic energy control instruments, airplane or spaceship instruments, transportation instruments, traffic signal instruments, combustion control instruments, medical instruments, all types of safety devices, etc. Satasheet, semiconductor devices in general can malfunction or fail due to their inherent electrical sensitivity and vulnerability to physical stress.

It is the responsibility of the buyer, when utilizing TOSHIBA products, to comply with the standards of safety in making a safe design for the entire system, and to avoid situations in which a malfunction or failure of such TOSHIBA products could cause loss of human life, bodily injury or damage to property. Do you already have an account?


(PDF) C2383 Datasheet download

Please use these products in this document in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. You May Also Like: V CEO V. No, create an account now.

Yes, my password is: Mar 2, 6. Also, datashret keep in mind the precautions and. Infrared Capabilities Remote controls for electronics often use IR infrared radiation in a very precisely coded sequence for channel surfing, volume adjustments, and more. How can i calculate the resistor between the input and the base and transisor resistor between supply and collector?

If you’re using the transistor purely as a switch, that means you want to saturate the output, or try to cause more current to flow from collector to emitter than your current limiting resistor will allow. Toshiba assumes no liability for damage or losses. The attached simulation diagram “sim” shows a circuit using the values I derived, transixtor results are in the “res” file and “zoom” shows the low output relative to ground a few tenths of a volt as should be expected.

C datasheet, C datasheets, manuals for C electornic semiconductor part

Toshiba assumes no liability for damage or losses occurring as a result of noncompliance with applicable laws and regulations. The C xstr has a minimum gain of This is how I envisioned the circuit: I am checking with my tester and there is never current through R1 voltage between sides of it it’s always 0 no matter the input, so i wander how can the current reach the base??

The transistor can also be checked by removing it from the circuit and using an ohm-meter: Mar 2, 3 0. Mar 2, 4.

With 0V-4V drive 1KHz. If you don’t care whether the load you’re driving is sinking mA or mA, and it’s only important that it doesn’t exceed a maximum of mA, just choose R2 such that no more than mA can flow through it. My input signal is anyway particular: It is very unlikely that the resistor is bad – they typically get fat and brown when they open. V CBO V. Posted by santonel in forum: Since the diode voltage of the base-emitter junction is generally about 0.


Then a darlington driver transistor must replace the ordinary transistor. Aug 8, Quote of the day.

C2383 Datasheet PDF

May 16, 5, 8. Similar to what veritas has explained: It’s the voltage given from the pins of a PC parallel port and this voltage changes depending on the load it’s driving, so i guess the right question for the base should be: Using continuously under heavy loads e. The bjt is of course in common emitter configuration. Mar 3, Feb 7, 0. I have a 12V power supply and a square wave V as a input on the base. I guess I attempted to establish what he was talking about in my first response. Mar 3, 8.

Without a schematic, “R1” and “R2” are meaningless labels.

COR NTE Equivalent NTE31 TRANSISTOR NPN SILICON – Wholesale Electronics

I stand by my assesment of Shocwaver’s requirements for a switching transistor also as in another thread on a similar subject. No license is granted by implication or otherwise under any patents or other rights of. We don’t know if the 5V signal is still 5V when loaded. The resistor can be checked by removing it from datahseet circuit and using an ohm-meter.

Mar 2, 1.