even greater accuracy. Caterpillar® truck body systems are designed using the latest advances in. System Structural Analysis. The F offers both dual slope. Find new and used Caterpillar F for sale in Australia on constructionsales. , on Australia’s No. 1 website. 39 Results Buy CAT F, CAT F, CAT F, CAT F, CAT F at – Page 1 of 2.

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But with timely, accurate data, you can better manage your equipment to keep operating expenses in line. Auto Neutral Idle – as the G idles in a forward gear, the transmission will automatically slip in and out of a neutral state to avoid stalling the torque converter and increasing fuel consumption. You can access fleet information either through cellular or satellite channels.

With all new hydraulic system efficiency, your filter life is extended to 1, hours Cab air filter life can also be extended with the optional cab precleaner. They can all tax your patience. Torque shift management – allows the truck to power through shift points Part throttle shifting – provides an exceptionally smooth ride ECPC – electronically controls clutch pressures for long life.

As the truck transits the 773f cycle, it is constantly evaluating its ability to meet your baseline in a reduced power setting.

The G is solidly constructed for safety. This solution is a combination of machine-mounted hardware and software called Vision Link. Body Options See more Our truck bodies are engineered to compliment the chassis and built to haul your material for years of trouble-free performance. Engine Idle Shutdown – when your G Series truck is in park and idles for more than a preset time, catrpillar truck will initiate engine shutdown to conserve fuel.

When you also consider its performance and fuel efficiency, the G is the right truck for our generation. The dual slope has a SAE 2: If you’re feeding a crusher, the flat floor body is an excellent choice for metering material.

Economy Modes Standard Economy Mode – G Series has the ability to adjust engine power based on your site, fleet and economic conditions.

Cat | G Off-Highway Truck | Caterpillar

Two engine-mounted diesel oxidation catalyst canisters control particulate matter Our NRS Technology replaces a portion of intake air with exhaust gas to 773g combustion temperatures and Nox production Precise, extremely fine atomization of fuel under all load conditions. If you have questions about body selection or applying liners, your Cat dealer has the tools and knowledge to help you with this decision process.


Rear brakes are wet disc while the front are dry, caliper type Slope holding capability benefits from all wheel parking brake actuation Brake life can be extended by choosing the optional Cat Engine Brake Additional springs in the design reduce wear and increase service life A brake wear indicator keeps you informed of maintenance timing Extended life brake material is available for extreme applications.

There are multiple fuel saving strategies on the G, two are economy caterpillad that are adjustable to meet your unique production needs For the U. The comfort of your crew will contribute to their productivity and awareness on the job.

Milton CAT 773F User Manual

Automatic Retarding Control reduces operator effort and controls braking on downhill grades Performance and health information at a glance using well lit gauges and the Advisor Message Display Steering performance from a design xaterpillar maintains tire alignment Stopping power from fade-resistant brakes – purpose cqterpillar for off road applications and the loads carried by the G Traction control is now steering sensitive and uses the service brakes to control wheel slip.

For comprehensive fleet management, Caterpillar offers Product Link solutions. G Series introduces updates that will increase the life of your brakes. The G will haul your material faster and more efficiently with increases in power and new APECS transmission controls.

The Rubber Liner This important factory-installed option will prolong body life in hard rock applications. Brake design updates increase slope holding capability and include a brake wear cayerpillar Wet disc braking for rear wheels; dry disc braking on the cqterpillar Automatic Retarding Control for downhill grades New traction control system. Rollover and Falling Object protection is part of the cab structure Emergency egress is available through the right-side hinged window Laminated glass is used in the front and left side windows Ground level engine shutdown for convenience and safety A back up alarm gives advance warning of truck movement.

Fully adjustable and suspended seat Integrated three point safety belt A trainer’s seat with lap belt facilitates on-the-job task training Audible warnings signal events, and fluid level monitoring cateripllar available from inside the cab In some instances, the truck will automatically derate engine power for safety Job Site Safety Speed limiting on the haul is new and more efficient than gear limiting Secondary steering in the event of power loss Speed limiting during body up operations A Focus on Personnel The G is designed to minimize hazards associated with working on and around this truck.

Caterpillar strategically applies castings with box section construction to manage off-road stresses A new front frame design increases the approach angle on ramps and grades New heavy duty gears compliment the updates in power and torque A new robust rear axle housing also supports the truck’s performance.


Brake design updates increase slope holding capability and include a caterpiolar wear indicator Wet disc braking for rear wheels; dry disc braking on the front Automatic Retarding Control for downhill grades New traction control system Visibility The G supports your site safety plan with excellent visibility to the job site. In the event that caterpilar material is light weight, we offer factory-installed mm 6 in sideboards to help you achieve rated capacities.

Adaptive Economy Mode – New for G Series – this economy mode requires a baseline for production from you using the Advisor display. Fill and extraction for all fluids in one location Key pad indicates existing fluid levels Includes all oils, coolant and fuel Conveniently located at ground level Lighted for night time use.

Service Convenience See more Service Centers – Electrical Connections This bumper-mounted electrical service center provides the convenience and safety of ground level access to important service tasks. Our frames are designed for off-road integrity and more than one life cycle.

The G, with its new power and performance increases, has updated final drive gears and a new rear axle housing to support this new level of work. Easy, low effort access to the cab Ergonomic, intuitive controls Left side power window Automatic temperature control inside the cab Throttle lock convenience for long uphill climbs The cab is spacious with window area that supports visibility An integrated footrest provides comfort and support Sound suppression provides a quieter work environment The cab is isolation mounted reducing noise and vibration Lighting package options to meet operation needs Automotive quality shifting from new Caterpilar transmission controls Confidence and Control Strong, predictable performance will help your operators achieve the lowest cost per ton.

Work Area Vision System WAVS is a camera system that enhances visibility behind the truck Lighting and mirror packages are available to suit your site conditions. G Series represents a new era for the caterplilar, and with your long-term success as our goal, we’ve developed this truck to be more productive and economical.

Our engine oil filters are improved, and in some cases extending life beyond hours. Our truck bodies are engineered to compliment the chassis and built to haul your material for years of trouble-free performance.