Products 35 – 40 J Amateur Radio’s Technical Journal ;;} PO Box Farmingdale NY UHf $6. N $1 0 SU PER HOT! GaAs Fe! opnon $20 AllAJE Ull ilnc Through radar observations from Arecibo the rotation period of Venus was de LAFAYETTE N AUG 19 The Tippecanoe A””. Instrukcja obsÅ‚ugi. importer.

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W hen both tones a re on the output will read 0. When the graduation ceremonies were done was whisked to the airport for a flight to Los Angeles All resistors are V Walt unless otherwise specified.

As t””‘e io much ravelling by the slenders Det NY Please allow weeks tor delivery. The regulator and pass transisto rs require a voltage at “”. C or write tor These tracks a re curved so that all points along these tracks are an equal distance from the reflect ing dish unde rneath.

Meter light requires 12 VDC. With R3 at 8. Just one simple ” user port” connection from the computer to instruicja TU. A low current lighted Keyboard is another firs! The heat sink used is o ne that seems to be common on the surplus market. First ad just the rig’s power output for ind ication of swr below 1.

Timel y advice from the father ofamtor takes the confusion out ofour newest mode. We will howeve r use th lafxyette old-fashioned device here to ill ustrate a princ iple that would be lo st in the mal e of an MS device. Epoxy cement is applied at points where the sheets co me togethe r at right angles to each other.


Amateur Radio’s Technical Journal – PDF

This prevents dc voltage from being fed back into the tran sceive r’s mike circuit. Maybe you’ve got a good terminal unit but “he-hum’ softwa re. L K clock set a nd clear. Derating surplus transistors to 6 Amps o r preferably less and 50 o r 60 Watts w ill make for a longer life and lessen instrukcjja cha nce of catastrophic fa ilure.

Five digit access code user programmable code combinations! The month is dry lor m e most pa rt n AplH t rains.

Pol Mar Venus 80 Channel AM/FM CB Radio. (Sorry about the focus)

Current limiting is nice also; the circuit used here is a common one and performs quite well. Another advantage is that warm-up drift is almost e liminated. Each group of two has a common crock line. Ce rta in ste ps m ust be taken to ensure stable operation and to prevent ampl if ication of unwanted signals. ElY postun tuning with twin LEO ndicators.

The circuit in Fig. Powered by Ovdc unregulated at 8 rna. There are two complementa ry outputs on the F-F labe lled Q a nd Q i. Grounding is accom plished by running a single w ire from the common connection of the 78G the 78G is not insulated from the sink to the ground com mon point All ground connections are brought to t he common point raduo g heavy w ire that is as short as poss ible.

Thus on Tuesday ” f! Mu;L – Spectrum nlunillionlll nc. Two percenl of the cards MFJ Repeaters Stocked. This ine xpensive pro ject can be bui lt with a ll new Radio Shack components Photos by W1GSl Small enough to be out of the way th is neat unit is big on quality and convenience.


Pol Mar Venus 80 Channel AM/FM CB Radio. (Sorry about the focus)

The 45O-kW ou tput of the Sbend 2. There are problems in operation that cause e rroneous re adings-or no re adi ngs at all.

The reflector at the Arecibo observatory is mounted firmly in the ground in contrast to othe r rad io tel e scopes which search the sky by moving the entire antenna dish. The lafauette phone plug sho w n in the photo graph s fits m a ny o lder pieces of gear stand ard w iring; PT T line to tip audio to ring ground to sleeve b u t newer equipment m a y require a d ifferent type o f connector.

Plugs between rig ancl VtC Before instrucja go into details intsrukcja thenxpenuoolet me tell you how happened to be visiting Tm. The adjustable 1 vrms maximum aud io output is sufficient for d riving rigs having either high or low impedance inputs.

RO Otms 20 W. While some of the equipment that is designed for use with vehicular power sources is fairly im mu ne to powerline noise this is no t the case with most d e-operated equipment. The position of the platform and the secondary antennas must remain very stable even instruicja strong winds. That board also provides mounting space fo r the two indicator LEOs and the push-to-talk switch.