Polar Axis Finderscope for CGX and CGX-L manual · NPF ExploraScope AstroMaster LT Telescope Series 5 Language Manual . C8 N Manual Addendum. Classic Celestron C8 information, maintenance, manuals, parts, and accessories. View and Download Celestron Super C8 instructions online. Celestron Super C8: User Guide. Super C8 Telescope pdf manual download.

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If anyone knows of other classic C8 websites, please send me a link. The C8 was launched in and was the first mass produced Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. There are screw holes for mounting accessories on both the front and rear cells.

Celestron Super C8 Instructions

Following are links to the only two websites I have found: The below photos show the corrector plate, secondary mirror holder, collimation screws original factory screwsand secondary mirror light baffle. This was the first mass produced Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope, and greatly influenced amateur astronomy in the ‘s through to the present.


When assembled, the corrector plate sits on the small ledge and is centered by the cork spacers. The orange tube C8 came fork mounted on a circular drive base. C8 Maintenance Websites There are not too many websites at least that I can find giving classic orange tube C8 maintenance instructions.

I have constructed this web page to consolidate the information I have gathered about the C8, hopefully this will be of interest to other C8 owners or anyone interested in early Celestron telescopes. The accessory screws extend 5.

Student Astronomical Society

Celestron’s Technical Support recommended the following website as a possible source of classic C8 information and replacement parts: The below left photo shows the C8 with the corrector plate removed. The forks are detachable from the circular drive base, which contains a manual right ascension RA control knob, the RA clamp, the RA setting circle, and the clock drive.

I had originally intended to write a historical background on Celestron and the C8, but there are already several celestfon good sites for Celestron history. The below right photo shows the plastic secondary holder with the Bob’s knobs installed.


The corroded collimation screws in the left photo were removed and replaced with Bob’s knobs. The below photos show the secondary mirror mounting plate left and the plastic secondary holder right.

The mid-late ‘s mount was monotone grey with solid forks, but early ‘s models had a two tone paint scheme and forks with circular cut outs. The Dec slow motion knob turns a screw that moves a tangent arm connected to the left declination axis bearing.


The classic orange tube model was sold betweenafter which it was changed to a black tube. This allows very precise declination adjustments, but the tangent arm has a limited range of motion. Other sources manuwl spare parts are: