Did you ever read or hear Chemical Secret? Ok! Today, i will talk about Chemical Secret named by Tim Vicary. First, this book’s main characters. THRILLER & ADVENTURE. Tim Vicary. CEFR B1 Word count 10, The job was too good. There had to be a problem – and there was. John Duncan was an . The job was too good. There had to be a problem – and there was. John Duncan was an honest man, but he needed money. He had children to look after.

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It is not clean. Oct 18, Nacho Martinez-Oliva rated it liked it. He put it in rats’ food or drinking water. The old man lives alone in his house, with his two children, since his wife died a while ago.

The final scene was not written, so readers have to imagine the baby is strange or not. He had children to look after.

He should have realized that it is strange to get so much money and quited the factory as xecret as he knew real things. I almost always tell lies!! But then Christine fall out of the ship and drank a lot of polluted water. His four historical novels have also won praise.


Chemical Secret [Oxford Bookworms]

Open Preview See a Problem? Oxford Bookworms Library Stage 3.

I like chemical things. Actually she was a pregnant, and she drunk a lot of river’s water.

At last, his daughter drunk the water of the river. John Duncan was an honest man, but he needed money. This story contained many important things. I don’t chemica, the open ending, it makes me consider a lot chemmical options.

Seven baby seals found dead and one was born without a tail. Now I think I enjoy reading itself in English without a dictionary. John Duncan was a very poor man he live with his daughter and son since his wife has pass away.

He had children to look after. The rat gave birth a baby, and the baby had no eyes and legs or had six legs. I can chemicl the book, if you like reading in English of course. Oxford Level 3 2: Chemical Secret [Oxford Bookworms]. CD Audiobook 0 editions.

Ironically his pregnant daughter was almost I think the writer used simple words or words I already know, so it was not too difficult for me to read.


Chemical Secret [Oxford Bookworms] by Tim Vicary | LibraryThing

But one day he got a new job. I don’t like the end. The result of it was awful.

What are chemicap places or locations in the book? Books by Tim Vicary. Mar 19, Kathy Cordero rated it it was amazing. Every morning he rang a hospital, to ask if she was there. This story is about John Duncan forty-five-year-old man. During this time the seals from the local river had a strange disease.


He goes and works at the factory because he wants to buy a better house for him and his childeren. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website. Because the factory of owner was very very terrible.