Cowon J3 – digital AV player overview and full product specs on CNET. Find great deals on eBay for COWON J3 in Portable iPods and MP3 Players. Shop with confidence. Buy COWON J3 MP3 Player (Black) featuring 16GB Flash Memory, microSD Card Slot ” AMOLED Touch Screen Display. Review COWON J3.

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It also lets you record voice, the FM radio, and from external sources using the line-in.

Click here to see hemidesign’s full review I use OnyX to Clean the Mac, it is free. When I travel I watch movies on it. Excellent audio source Written by Supercritical Published Apr 30, Too old for this nonsense. The screen showed weird colors, like there was some graphic card dowon and froze, it didn’t respond to any button actions.

Cowon J3 – digital AV player Overview – CNET

The battery life of this player is impressively long at music 64 – hours and video – 11 hours. I also want to apologize for the crummy picture quality. SupercriticalApr 30, I think it doesn’t deserve it, so i shared my experience. The battery life is simply outstanding, about 50 hours with that magnificent OLED screen.

I think it doesn’t deserve it, so i shared my experience.

Cowon J3 – digital AV player Series

Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. And no matter if you’re a PC or a Mac person you’ll be able to enjoy Cowon’s J3 thanks to its wide range of compatibility. Click here to see mauricio nz’s full review You use it to listen to music and watch videos and it does that extremely well. That is why I bought the 32 GB version.


I think the S9 may have better buttons as far as shape and size since the J3 has small buttons that are close together.

Cowon J3 | TechRadar

So I would make sure you keep extra copies of what you put on the J3 until you learn how to transfer and remove files from this unit otherwise you may wind up re-downloading files over again. It’s still the golden standard for me. I think I will be a Cowon buyer for a long time. If you want you can create your own EQ by choosing what vowon you want to control and then choose what levels you want to use for those frequencies there are four user defined coon banks.

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Customization of the EQ is great and I have found the perfect sound for my ears. I can expand it later if I need to. Headphone Reviews and Discussion – Head-Fi.

LorasAug 22, Bottom line, perfect standalone player for commuting, gym etc, without the need of an amp. There are many undocumented features such as separate volume levels for when you plug in headphones vs. Pricewice it’s a no brainer though, sansa all the way. Audio is ok but since has been surpassed by a number of better players Cowon Z2, Sony Z and F series walkmans, Samsung 4.


Written by JoonBug Published Aug 3, My favorite genres of music are classical, acoustic rock, and jazz in that order. I use OnyX to Clean the Mac, it is free. The sound quality is fantastic.

This one was different than my iAudio7, but easy to use. Home Entertainment by Ty Pendlebury Oct 28, As Creative simply became totally uncompetitive with audio players, I had to look elsewhere, by chance I stumbled upon Cowon, and I found J3 to be the perfect choice.

Cowon J3 Written by mauricio nz Published Sep 22, Unlike my old iAudio 9, the resume play feature doesn’t play as soon as you turn on the player.

COWON J3 32 GB Portable Media Player (Black)

Thanks for the put down. Cons – Thin, cold and lifeless sound.

Glad to see people can respect each others opinions on head-fi. So i returned it, got a new one, after a few months Cowon J3 Written by mauricio nz Published Sep 22, Please fill in a complete birthday Enter a valid birthday.

Thanks for the put down.

So i’ve given up on this model. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Audio quality is simply amazing.

The louder it is, the less noise you hear when the modulator sends the signal to the car stereo.