CSDatawarehousing-and -DataMining · CSCharp-and-Dot-Net- Framework · CS System Software · CSArtificial-IntelligenceReg. Syllabus. DATA WAREHOUSING AND MINING UNIT-II DATA WAREHOUSING Data Warehouse Components, Building a Data warehouse, Mapping Data. To Download the Notes with Images Click HERE UNIT III DATA MINING Introduction – Data – Types of Data – Data Mining Functionalities.

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Concepts and Techniques 11 From Tables and Spreadsheets to Data Cubes A data warehouse is based on a multidimensional data modelwhich views data in the form of a data cube A data cd2032, such as sales, allows data to be modeled and viewed in Contact Supplier. A pattern is also interesting if it validates a hypothesis that the user sought to confirm. Such algorithms divide the data into partitions, which are processed in parallel.

Typically, the ends of the box are at the quartiles, so that the box length is the interquartile range, IQR. Additional analysis can be performed to uncover interesting statistical correlations between associated attribute-value pairs.

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Such analyses typically require defining multiple granularity of time. Attributes of interest may not always be available, such as customer information for sales transaction data. In general, a transactional database consists of a file where each record represents a transaction. User beliefs regarding relationships in the data are another form of background knowledge. Usually, simple models are more interpretable, but they are also less accurate.

In general, each interestingness measure is associated with a threshold, which may be controlled by the user. The fast-growing, tremendous amount of data, collected and stored in large and numerous data repositories, has far exceeded our human ability for comprehension without powerful tools Figure 1. A spatial database that stores spatial objects that change with time is called a spatiotemporal database, from which interesting information can be mined.

That is, it is used to predict missing or unavailable numerical data values rather than class labels. We adopt a database perspective in our presentation of data mining in this book.

Suppose, as a marketing manager of AllElectronicsyou would like to. Relational databases are one of the most commonly available and rich information repositories, and thus they are a major data form in our study of data mining. A data mining task can be specified in the form of a nots mining query, which is input to the data mining system. They may cz2032 used to guide the mining process or, after discovery, to evaluate the discovered patterns.


In this way, the user can interact with the data mining system to view data and discovered patterns at multiple granularities noes from different angles. By providing multidimensional data views and the precomputation of summarized data, data warehouse systems are well suited for on-line analytical processing, or OLAP.

A sophisticated data mining system will often adopt multiple data mining techniques or work out an effective, integrated technique that combines the merits of a few individual approaches.

Because it is difficult to know exactly what can be discovered within a database, the data mining process should be interactive. A transaction typically includes a unique transaction identity number trans ID and a list of the items making up the transaction such as items purchased in a store.

This specifies the portions of the database or the set of data in which the user is interested. For efficient data mining, it is highly cw2032 to push the evaluation of pattern interestingness as deep as possible into the mining notess so as to confine the search to only the interesting botes.

Database, data warehouse, WorldWideWeb, or other information repository: Major issues in data mining regarding mining methodology, user interaction, performance, and diverse data types.

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From data warehousing to data mining. To effectively extract information from a huge amount of data in databases, data mining algorithms must be efficient and scalable. Cross reference your lecture notes with those of this web page You are commenting using your Facebook account. It refers to extracting or “mining” knowledge from large amount of data. A heterogeneous database consists of a set of interconnected, autonomous component databases.

Sc2032 may be detected using statistical tests that assume a distribution or probability model for the data, or using distance measures where objects that are a substantial distance from any other cluster are considered outliers. Suppose, instead, that we are given the AllElectronics relational database relating to purchases. Therefore, in this book, we choose to use the term data mining. To study about the concepts and classification of Data mining systems. A data warehouse is a special type of database.


If users believe the data are dirty, they are unlikely to trust the results of any data mining that has been applied to it. Object-Relational Databases Object-relational databases are constructed based on an object-relational data model.

Such information can be useful motes decision making and strategy planning. Modern datamining methods are. It can be useful to describe individual classes and concepts in summarized, concise, and yet precise terms. In addition, it has all of the variables that pertain specifically to being a salesperson e. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: More formally, support and confidence are defined as. A distributive measure is a measure i.

A decision tree is a flow-chart-like tree structure, where each node denotes a test on an attribute value, each branch represents an outcome of the test, and tree leaves represent classes or class distributions.

Instead, user-provided constraints and interestingness measures should be used to focus. A set of messages that the object can use to communicate with other objects, or with the rest of the database system.

Such regularities may help predict future trends in stock market prices, contributing to your decision making regarding stock investments. Each object has associated with it the following: Data mining involves an integration of techniques from multiple disciplines such as database and data warehouse technology, statistics, machine learning, high-performance computing, pattern recognition, neural networks, data visualization, information retrieval, image and signal processing, and spatial or temporal data analysis.

The most commonly used percentiles other than the median are quartiles.