Sunday, April 24, at AM – PM UTC More than a year ago. pin. Colegio De Acupuntura en Guadalajara. AV OBSIDIANA , All they need to do is to extract from each Lesson the most important texts, then add, inside the .. El Curso de Apiterapia online esta ya traducido en castellano. Disculpa, pero esta entrada está disponible sólo en Inglés Estadounidense.

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The pain produced by the sting makes endorphins help to cure. And they know it, because where an energy imbalance emerge there is an ” aggression ” than the bees can perceive and produce an identical rebalance as acupuncture does, with the added benefit of the bee venom.

Apierapia wise in your relationship with them and try to go with somebody experienced. A nd if you like it, be a beekeeper. Without pollen there is not fruit, without bees there is not pollination. But those who spend lot of time with bees in my case more than 20 years have been able to observe how, in many circumstances, to be stung means the disappearance of other nuisances, sometimes serious.

A Guide to Healing the But try not to bother them, because, for sure, they will defend. The Bible of Bee Venom Therapy: D own here we can observe two Kirlian pictures.


Dr. Andres Castillo Montenegro (Ecuador)

T o be stung, even without being sick, is something healthy in itself. Don’t doubt to do it, sting yourself with the bees. Thanks for visiting us. They give their life for you and, if you don’t need it, don’t worry, they won’t sting you although you insist on it. I t has been also recently discovered the relationship among the endorphins that the body segregates and the so-called “spontaneous” cures.

The venom continues the work simultaneously with other healing elements that are in the sanguine stream. At right a picture of a nipple. It is known that among beekeepers it is hardly to find rheumatism, sciatica, or lumbago.

They are not willing to die for anything. At left is a picture of a finger. Besides, if the person knows the mechanism through which the illness has taken place, then the re-establishment is “miraculous”.

I nstantly we won’t think anything else than in taking off the pain. Without bees, there are not pollination, grass, animals, or men The bees have an essential role in the pollination, the multiplication of the floral species and the development of the cultivation.

To get more information: Still the best book wrotte at 1. The atmosphere, usually healthy, of the place, the essences of the plants, the pheromonas that come from the bees, the scent to honey that leaves the beehive and the same situation of being in another world, due to the potential danger and the observation of how they act, make that the cure mechanism of the body starts to operate. T he bees know where they have to sting. The human being survival depends on them.


Apiterapia Para Todos. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo. T he components of the bee venom, fundamentally melittin, seem to have medical properties that heal rheumatism, sciatica, arthrosis, lumbago, psoriasis and arterial hypertension.

D uring years I have apiteerapia the relationship between the bee stings and the acupuncture points that match with the ” problem ” or energy imbalance of the moment.


I f we know somebody who has being stung by a bee they are usually wasps or it has stung to some of us, we will identify sting with tremendous pain that in some cases we will try to calm it with mud and, in other cases, with medication.

The sting, then, becomes the leading ingredient of the cure, but not the only one. T o be beekeeper is to contribute to the human being survival. I n addition to that, if the stings are carried out in the apiary, you power up all the above-mentioned.

A ccording to Einstein: