Cycloconium leaf spot of Olive in Egypt by Mohammed W. Assawahí1). C.D.U. , Cycloconium oleaginum Cast. (62). Introduction. Olive tree (Olea. Other Scientific Names. Cycloconium oleaginum Castagne; Fusicladium oleagineum (Castagne) Ritschel & U. Braun. Control of Cycloconium oleaginum (Cast) disease on olive trees for multiplication . Article (PDF Available) · November with 8 Reads.

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Isolates were collected, in Octoberfrom symptomatic olive trees, where leaves are showing typical symptoms. Firefox and Chrome addons Adds a ‘Flickriver’ button to your browser. Hughes, Canadian Journal of Botany 31 5: It is not really a disease but a result of wet and humid weather or in combination with a lack of sunshine hours.

Link to this photo large view: An olive tree is an easy tree yet there are signs that you can see that he is not felling well.

See below for more information. No.


Specimens and strains links: This Add-on is available at http: The Bergerie has different brands. Link to this photo view: This is used when first reloading the page.

Certain rhizosphere bacteria including Pseudomonas and Corynebacterium were used to control different plant fungal diseases like Pythium cyclooconium and some root rot fungi Parke et al.

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[Cycloconium disease in olive tree (Cycloconium oleaginum = Spilocaea oleagina)]

A monograph of Fusicladium s. Using Google Analytics, we can see what content is popular on our websites. Cycloconium oleagineum Castagne, Catalogue des plantes qui croissent naturellement aux environs de Marseille: In order to prevent diseases the bests thing you can do cjcloconium to make sure that your plant is in good health. This will help to protect your privacy. Open the calendar popup.


Google Wikimedia Wikipedia Wikispecies. Generate a print friendly version containing only the sections xycloconium need. This Add-on is available at http: Problems with an olive tree…….

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Problems with an olive tree

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