The Shift of the Ages David Wilcock’s heavily revised and updated “tour de force” that synthesizes scientific and metaphysical data into a. Download Shift of the Ages by David Wilcock. Description. Download Shift of the Ages by David Wilcock Free in pdf format. David Wilcock’s heavily revised and updated “tour de force” that synthesizes scientific and metaphysical data into a comprehensive thesis of.

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The principal Pyramid book we will draw off of for this timeline is the impeccable Great Pyramid Decoded by Peter Lemesurier. It is only in our illusory feelings tthe being separate from the One that we would act, in fear, for our own interests first. The cycle of empires and civilizations, opposing what was created in the year cycle.

Another arcane point that may have possible meaning is seen with the icosahedron. He also appeared in several episodes of the History If series Ancient Aliens.

In a sense, with unbelievable numbers of diagrams and exceedingly minute scientific detail for those who choose to read all the footnotes, his book has essentially become the Bible of the Pyramid Timeline. He only used those eavid that demonstrated repeated accuracy, such as Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce, and he never advanced a prediction unless he agrs a minimum of a three-way cross-validation for whatever event was forecasted.

Marcelle added it May 05, In order to get an idea of the effect that it has had on established critics, Lemesurier cites a quote on the back of the book from Anthony Smith, from the BBC Kaleidoscope: He is a cosmic reporter of poignant news and events in the Ascension timeline and drama.



It was pure ecstasy, as it proved that such visionary feats were possible. We will also briefly fill in what we know from our own work in the first four entries and the entry for Then, even if all records were lost, the answers would still come to the initiate in dreams and visions.

Keri Rose marked it as to-read Jul 30, Many of the ancient cultures possessed a piece of the Atlantean secret inheritance and had written of these harmonic cycles in time, but unfortunately this information is so obscure that very little data has been found by this author, despite intensive research devoted to searching for it. It appears as though these same harmonic numbers in years act as a sort of macro-astrology, having an unseen and yet very potent effect.

Your email address will not be published. Meet NEU Faculty https: These are signified by both the layer and the color [and] in what direction the turn is made.

The Shift of the Ages | Divine Cosmos

Now, there is no a priori relation between this 1: Want to Read saving…. Debra Britt rated it it was amazing Sep 13, You would actually read the passages in the Pyramid themselves as time, counting the years as you traveled forward. The rise and fall of nations, ideologies and spiritual faiths all occur according to this mysterious, harmonic principle, which underlies all things. Dana Matei marked it as to-read Apr 25, Sule marked it as to-read Dec 15, These forces would dearly love to teach us the very simple steps that we need to take in order to make the cut.


The Shift of the Ages – David Wilcock (Free) | Cryptic Conspiracies

The translation was still in typed manuscript form on yellowing paper, as no American book company had ever actually printed it. With a dimensional shift of this magnitude coming our way, it is foolish for us to assume that something like this might not happen.

Indeed, it becomes quite clear that the Shift of the Ages is the name of the game, the whole point behind all of the physically hopeless situations. Again and again, these sources have emphasized that it is your own free will, your universal right to be protected from truth if you do not want to know the truth, that stops you from being clearly forewarned.

The Shift of the Ages – David Wilcock (Free)

It is like the minute hand of the cosmic clock. Birth era of Buddhist notion of salvation by faith in a boddhisatva savior. Separation of discarnate path of the enlightened from the static path of physical rebirth — Final break between Nazarenes, official Judaism, and Christians. Books by David Rhe.