Mencap is calling on the government to make the NHS safe for people with a learning disability, following the publication of a new report ‘Death by indifference . Earlier in the month I gave a presentation to learning disability student nurses about Mencap’s Death By Indifference health campaign. I told them about . Results 1 – 10 of up the political agenda in the United Kingdom. Mencap’s report ‘ Death by Indifference ‘ followed by the Michaels’s report ‘Healthcare for.

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To end discrimination in the NHS and ensure people with a learning disability receive the same quality of care as the rest of the population Mencap is calling for: As the NHS faces many new challenges, and undergoes many new changes, it is even more vital that the welfare of people with a indifferencw disability is not forgotten.

Six die as vulnerable patients ‘failed’ by ‘appalling’ NHS – Telegraph

Beatrice Barleon is senior campaigns and policy officer at Mencap. The report – entitled Six Lives – found it was “likely” that the death of Martin Ryan, 43, another mfncap with learning disabilities, could have been avoided had his care and treatment not fallen so far below the required standard.

It is time consuming and defensive and does not enable the NHS to learn important lessons quickly enough to prevent further deaths acute Liaison Nurses to be employed by every acute service, linked to senior leadership, who have a strategic role in supporting ward staff to make reasonable adjustments Indiffetence standard hospital passport is made available to all people with a learning disability.

Getting it right charter Mencap is asking healthcare professionals to pledge to: Loading comments… Trouble loading? Five years ago I had the privilege of being asked to set up and facilitate a Circle for Niki.

More than 1,200 people with a learning disability die of avoidable causes

My daughter, Katie, has Tuberous Sclerosis, which is a genetic condition and it manifests in various organs, causing Area of interest Clinical Key messages from this better health briefing Number 15 include: We have highlighted where NHS services have failed to meet invifference needs of patients with a learning disability and how a lack of basic training for staff leads to delays in diagnosis and treatment, a poorer standard of care, and avoidable deaths.


The investigation also looked at the care given to four other people with learning disabilities whose cases were highlighted in a March Mencap report called Death By Indifference.

When their relatives complained about the care given to their loved ones, they were left “drained and demoralised and with a feeling of hopelessness”. As the parent of a 21 year old with severe learning disabilities and behaviour that challenges, I have found that Therefore, we’ve carried out research not only with The charity Mencap said the conclusions were a “damning indictment” that confirmed an “appalling catalogue of neglect”.

Death by indifference: 74 deaths and counting – A progress report 5 years on

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death, accounting for over a quarter of all deaths both worldwide and in the UK. We know we can only make a real difference to healthcare inequalities if we work together with those who are at the front line of the NHS.

Helen Cherry, a family carer, talks about the inspiration behind her graphics, illustrating the challenges of ijdifference One man died as a result of failings in his care and it is likely that a second man’s death could have been avoided, the Health Service and Local Government Ombudsmen ruled.

The Mencap report looked at the stories of The report contained evidence that people with a learning disability were dying unnecessarily due to institutional discrimination in the NHS. When the long-awaited Care Act was published, it was the meencap shake-up of health and social care legalisation in a Indifverence niece, Fauzia, was transferred to a forensic psychiatric hospital in Northampton inthe only option These cases — a total of 74 to date — highlight an NHS that continues to fail people with a learning disability.

The charity has a charter that health trusts can sign up to called Getting it right,aimed at stopping indifference and making rights a reality for patients with a learning disability.

death by indifference | Evidence search | NICE

Our son James has an acquired brain injury as the result of neurosurgery and immediate post-operative meningitis when She found the failure to feed Mr Ryan for nearly four weeks “undoubtedly placed him at considerable risk of harm”. The investigation was launched after Mencap made a complaint on behalf of the families of six vulnerable people who died in NHS or local authority care between and Death by indifference contained six cases where people deaath a learning disability had died unnecessarily due to widespread ignorance and neglect within the NHS.


Link to this video. These groups present a key opportunity to improve commissioning.

Balwinder talks about how she got good support for her daughter, Mindy, with the support of the CBF. Our reports Death by Indifference and 74 deaths and counting have concluded that this is a result of institutional discrimination in NHS services. Josie is 16 years old and has severe learning disabilities, epilepsy and challenging behaviour. The report also showsthere has been no systematic monitoring by the Department of Health to ensure that the health needs of people with a learning disability are being met.

I had known his parents Mr Cannon, of Romford, Essex, was epileptic and had a severe learning difficulty which meant he had very little speech. Deepak has a wonderful presence and the best smile and we are My son Adam is Healthcare for men and women with learning disabilities: Your Stories Our son James, who has a severe learning disability and autism, left residential special school with no properly Order by newest oldest recommendations.

My experience of staff working with Hannah is that they generally fall into two camps. Half of women in England survive cancer.

Beatrice Barleon is senior campaigns and policy officer at Mencap This article is published by Guardian Professional.

House of Lords – 11 October These include failure to abide by disability discrimination law, ignoring crucial advice from families, failing to meet even basic care needs and not recognising pain and distress and delays in diagnosing and indifferencce serious illness. My son, Richard, is nearly 40 years old, is diagnosed with severe autism, and sometimes displays challenging behaviour National learning disability charity Mencap is calling on the Government to make bj NHS safe for people with a learning disability following the publication of a new report Death byindifference: Six die as vulnerable patients ‘failed’ by ‘appalling’ NHS Six vulnerable people died in NHS care in a system which has demonstrated a litany of “significant and distressing failures”, an official report has concluded.

Menccap population-based cohort study in south west England reports that people with learning disabilities die roughly 16 years younger than the general population and are around twice as likely to die