Death March: The Complete Software Developer’s Guide to Surviving Mission Yourdon walks step-by-step through the entire project life cycle, showing both. Death March: The Complete Software Developer’s Guide to Surviving “Mission Impossible” Projects. Author: Edward Edward Yourdon. Death March by Edward Yourdon. Notes taken by Matthias Günther | 2 minutes read. p Marine Corps mentality => real programmers don’t need sleep; p

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Still another may labor mightily for years in pursuing pure research with no discernible results. And another may find it in robbing banks.

The term “death march” in this context was discussed at length in Edward Yourdon ‘s book Death March: Often, the discomfort is heightened by the knowledge that “it didn’t have to be this way”; [ marcy ] that is, that if the company wanted to achieve the goal of the project, it could have done so in a successful way had it been managed competently such as by devoting the obviously required resourcesincluding bringing all relevant expertise, technology, or applied science to the task rather than just whatever incomplete knowledge a few employees happened to possess.

Yourdon used in his research. May 26, Alex Railean rated it liked it Shelves: Yourdon is a great, smart, knowledgeable guy. This may have come about as a result of someone’s naive belief that a new programming language or application development environment will magically double the team’s productivity—despite the fact that the team was given no training or practice with the new technology and probably wasn’t even consulted about the decision to use the technology in the first place.

What is more The author stated that ceath lot of software engineering projects end up in failure and that this won’t change much in the future. If you think the answers to these questions are obvious, feel free to jump to the next chapter.

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And it can lead to a pervasive atmosphere yourron penny-pinching that makes it impossible for the project manager to order pizza for the project team when they spend the entire weekend in the office working overtime.


Contrariwise, if you are looking for shorter hours and longer vacations and early retirement, you are in the wrong job.

What is a Death March Project and Why Do They Happen?

Despite the mardh, there are no simple, clear cut solutions in this book. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Mr. Refresh and try again. And how to maybe turn it around. Ed Yourdon explains how you might find yourself in such a mire. It’s good to know why projects yourfon and how to lower the risk of failure. Like Peoleware, it’s often oriented at the human side of things. My library Help Advanced Book Search. The staff has been reduced to less than half the number that would normally be assigned to a project of this size and scope; thus, instead of being given a project team of 10 people, the project manager has been told that only five people are available.

I was expecting a lot more; this is a well-reputed classic, but deth didn’t really cover much that isn’t elsewhere in the literature. But doubling the functionality—i. Yourdon has spent a great deal of time laying the blame on others and offering no good solutions nor any helpful yourron.

I knew going in, as the title suggested, it would be a depressing topic, but geez, the reader is in for a slew of negative stories and thoughts on how to solve difficult projects. How to recognize when your project has gone wrong.

If you are reading this review or book I hope you find consolation dwath it and wish you the best in your situation. Chapters deal, in turn, with the issues of politics, negotiating games, peopleware issues, tools and process management.

Ddeath two are alike and there is no reason to expect them to be. Because corporations are insane and, as consultant Richard Sargent commented to me, “Corporate insanity is doing the same thing again and again, and each time expecting different results.

Death March

Thanks yourddon telling us about the problem. Ironically, it was the most fun project of my career. It spoke to me at the time.

Retrieved from ” https: This article relies largely or entirely on a single source. Thoroughly revised and updated, this practical handbook on software project success and survival explains how to confront five important issues involved in all software projects–people, politics, process, project management, and tools–and furnishes new sections on estimation, negotiation, time management, agile concepts, updated references, and real-world examples.



What is more important is limiting the scope of the product, negotiating requirements a lot of them can be relaxed or even rejected and deadlines, caring about hiring right people, organizing frequent demos for customers and assuring daily and reliable project builds.

Why would anyone ykurdon his right mind agree to participate in such a project? We went down, but we went down together and in good spirits. Relevant discussion may be narch on the talk page.

PaperbackSecond Editionpages. I’ve just lost interest in his book. Happiness lies in being privileged to work hard for long hours in doing whatever you think is worth doing. Although software development is populated with intelligent programmers and managers, death marches occur dfath the competitive business pressure demands it and the new deqth opportunities invite it,” he says.

I have read the Polish edition: From the thought-leader of technical productivity, still applicable today. Books by Edward Yourdon. Apr 01, Frank Thun rated it it was ok. Open Preview See a Problem? Dec 22, Andrzej rated it really liked it.

Death March by Edward Yourdon

Although, I’m more inclined to say that at times he rattled on about it needlessly. Well, maybe I’ll go back and try to finish it one day. A death march project is one for which an unbiased, objective risk assessment which includes an assessment of technical risks, personnel risks, legal risks, political risks, etc. Ed comes to the sobering conclusion that there are no silver bullets. Every programmer should have read this once before getting stuck in a death march project.