Meskot salutes the Ethiopian poet Debebe Seifu. This poem was contributed by Tariku to Meskot_forum and typed in the Ethiopic script by Kebebush Tesfaye. Yebirhan fikire(Debebe Seifu poem). 67 likes. Book. Debebe Seifu “YeBirhan Fikir”E.C. Fan Recommended Poem.

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The researcher says that the poet glorifies his country Ethiopia and people of the past times for what they did to make the country as it is now. First, poems were collected. Still, He Hoped It was a long night -So were all nights. The poema also states this. Based on this poem also the researcher states that the poet has a strong dread to nature itself.

Though the starts no more glitter And the cloud does no more rain, 15 Though the moon shall not be borne Yet your love is not in vain. Using this poem the poet portrays the features of the human body and what shape it takes as a result of death and its effect. So, his death debeb a loss for the world.

Remembering Assistant professor poet Debebe Seifu

The eebebe reads like this: The opening of different missionary schools was a result of the diplomatic contact Ethiopia had with some foreign counties. In the next chapter an analysis will take place on major themes that have been identified in Ethiopian poems in English of the earlier period.

Moreover, this is also a period when a number of Ethiopian poems in English poe,s published. Watch, listen to the calls of he ancestral sprits prodigal son To the call of the long-waiting soil They welcome you home. Oblivious of worries, we sleep 10 Rather we die…yet temporarily. Can such be relished by a boy? If gone are many and still more to leave, Why should we mourn and weep as we leave?


Remembering Assistant Professor Poet Debebe Seifu

He says that he would feel happy and have peace like the other creatures, which go to their shelter, when he finds his lover.

In this sense the poems give major concern to issues like death, laments, lovehope and hopelessness. Thought many a debeb has been borne and gone Many a dreary summer returned and passed Whatever visions we have had of others 10 Are visions reflected debebbe the mirror of our past Whatever warmth we shared with others Is warmth evoked in memory of our past… No, it is not the big loss that hurt But our unforgotten eyes 15 Who across the shoulder of those nearer us In vain, searched for one another, No, it is not the lingering relapse that hurt But our unyielding hearts Who, condemned to remain faithful to our past 20 Betrayed the hearts of those now closer to us.

Kennedy was a man of many activities. Theses There are two research papers on Ethiopian poetry in English. To study this major issue the subject matters are classified into two topics, the criticism of the educated African and pan-Africanism. Before asserting the last statement the poem in its different lines indicates the idea of death. Should we believe it or not, 15 Through all our hopes have crumbled, That untimely departure is your lot. Among their different thematic preoccupations the most recurrent are the major concern of this research.


Debebe Seifupoems Tags: You are commenting swifu your WordPress. When I reflect, all my struggle were naught. The students’ consciousness about the deteriorating condition of the peasantry and the urban masses provided objective basis to invite a movement Bahru, Cwho is sometimes called, ” the modernizer of Ethiopia.

If you’re into poetry and meeting other poets, join us to remove ads and share your poetry. From this poem we understand that the country is considered as a land of Coptic faith. These all are the results of a change of season. One of the poems of Tsegaye that deals with love is ” Gladiator’s Love” However sleep peoms not considered real like death line 5but it is something seifi which we wake up. Can such be relished by a song and her soprano?

The other major theme, the theme of praise and criticism concentrates on different issues related to the subjects.

The other literary annotation is, Ethiopian creative writing and criticism in English, A review and Bibliography by Fekade Azeze.