The major motion picture, The Possession, is loosely based on the events Jason Haxton tells about in this book. The Dibbuk Box and Haxton’s experience with it. Haxton is the writer of the book, The Dibbuk Box, about his experience with this mysterious wine cabinet. Eventually, Zak Bagans purchased. Is the Dibbuk Box possessed with an evil spirit? Its story goes back to Nazi Germany when two girls sealed the Dibbuk in the wine cabinet.

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The more you panic at their presence, the less they will try to conceal themselves. Anyone else realize that Kevin spends a lot obx his time pawning his stuff off on other people?

The True Story of the Dybbuk Box and Where It Is Now

The owners are already primed to be looking out for bad stuff. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The Dibbuk box was originally purchased at an estate auction by boc unsuspecting antique store owner. Back in biblical times, when things book worse than normal, the whole town would gather together and a goat would be brought forth. I lean more toward this being a demonic curse given my thoughts about the binding ritual. Jan 13, Dawn rated it liked it.

August 5, at Haxton, as all of this sudden interest could strengthen whatever the hell is in the box. I have to say, the most interesting part boook me was learning about the American Eugenics Movement and Harry Laughlin.


Mannis bought the cabinet from an estate sale for a woman originally from Poland, who had died at the age of It has the whole collection of events from my first hearing of this odd artifact until the day my manuscript went to the publisher.

He was curious, so he brought the dibbuk box home and began researching it. For those of you wanting to know if I am still experiencing anything out of the ordinary, I thought everything was going OK until Dibbhk got home on Friday—the 13th of June—and found that the fish in my fresh water aquarium—all 10—were dead.

The Dibbuk Box by Jason Haxton

However, I do not think that obsession is always a bad thing. Readers you will find this a fast riveting read. It was Edery who helped uncover the purpose of the box. There is Good and Evil and I tell everyone becareful what you wish for because you just might find it and it might not want to leave you.

Dybbuk box

Reading through the updates of the article. September 5, at 2: The granddaughter told me that her grandmother had asked that the box be buried with her. Suffice it to say, the spirit is no doubt hostile and dangerous.

The author did a good job telling the story and investigating this mystery.

At the end of the auction, I have decided to take an opportunity to speak with the winning bidder for two reasons: They will hold on to that human connection with everything that they are capable of, and because their souls were literally created to inhabit the flesh, they attach like no other entity can. Whatever resides in the Dibbuk Box hasn’t protected anyone.


However, I kind of wish I had not read the book because I have been left with an unsettled feeling ever since I finished reading it. I got in contact with the family who created the box, which was meant to connect a Jewish family with the spiritual world during the Holocaust.

Some philosophers have even gone on to state that God itself is an egregore — that nothing existed, but all of humanity began to believe that God existed, and then, so He did. Your belief gave it life. The largest section of stone was brilliant white, peppered throughout with gleaming ruby dots and flecks of black.

I was surprised to find that the cabinet has a unique little mechanism. He’ll right now I’m going to look up on Ebay and see if I can find a new and improved ‘Dibbuk Box’, so in about 3 years you can buy my book!!!

Site author ANIMUS had actually responded to someone previously concerning the dybbuk, and this is what he had to say:. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the research aspect of it, but it seemed only to touch lightly on the different aspects of Jewish Mysticism. However, I did get hit with the strong odor of cat urine.

What exactly Boook an egregore?