What is Subnetting? What is Supernetting? What is the difference between subnetting and supernetting? This is very important topic from. subnetting is dividing a network address into smaller set of subnets and supernetting is other way round when we summarise various networks into one major. Hi some one explain me abt subnetting & supernetting & where ‘ll be using the supernetting? i have given 2 network to use & & need to .

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CIDR Classless interdomain routing.

Comments informative article about suppernetting and subnetting now i fully understand the difference between both of them after reading this informative article. A process of combining small networks into a larger network. CIDR notation is used to write a routing prefix.

Subnetting and Supernetting – ppt video online download

If we wan more physical network, we can divide this one big range into several smaller ranges. So, this would break the IP address in to two parts logicallyas the network prefix and the rest field. Supernetting will reduce the number of entries in a routing table and also will simplify the routing process. For an example of when this may be desirable, consider a site that is granted a class C address and needs to have five subnets with the following of host: Figure Special address in subnetting: Supernetting was introduced as a solution to the problem of increasing size in routing tables.


Computers belonging to a sub network have a common group of most-significant bits in their IP addresses. Find subnet mask and configuration of each subnetwork Solution: All networks would be at the same level.

What is the Difference between Subnetting and Supernetting?

In the supernet, the first 23 bits are the network part of the address and the other 9 bits are used as the host identifier. These subnetworks are known as subnets.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your superneting address will not be published. Inside the Raspberry Pi: So, this would break the IP address in to two parts logicallyas the network prefix and the rest field.

Difference Between Subnetting and Supernetting – IT Tips for Systems and Network Administrators

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: My Question is New. Download ppt “Subnetting and Supernetting”. Y After applying the mask, the result is X.

Class C network with original subnet mask Netid Hostid Subnetting is the process of dividing an IP network in to sub divisions called subnets. To simplify and fasten the routing process. Unfortunately, the answer you are trying to submit has already been added.


Subnetting and Supernetting

Email Address never made public. Class B network with new subnet mask Netid Subnetid Hostid Class C network with new subnet mask Netid Subnetid Hostid On the contrary, supernetting is the technique of merging multiple networks into a single one.

In addition, routing prefix can also be represented using the subnet supernnetting. Hosts on the network could not be organized into groups. Ultimately, both techniques are used to increase the availability of the IP addresses and reduce the depletion of IP addresses.

Supernetting was devised to make the routing process more convenient. Suppernetting is also called route aggregation or route. So, this would break the IP address in to two parts logicallyas the network prefix and the rest field. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Related Questions How do you find valid hosts in a subnet?