Discrete Mathematics and Functional Programming. Author: Thomas VanDrunen Thomas VanDrunen, Functional programming as a discrete mathematics. Discrete Mathematics and Functional Programming is a textbook on discrete mathematics and functional programming in ML by Thomas VanDrunen. Of course discrete math is not exactly a very deep branch, but still it gives you a /Discrete-Mathematics-Functional-Programming-VanDrunen/dp/

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Books, written notes, computers, phones, and calculators are not permitted. Therefore, several vndrunen were set aside to review the material as to understand it more fully before moving on to finish the book. Unless you have a serious emergency that you bring to my attention before a homework assignment is due, late homework will not be accepted after the class in which it is due.

vandrunfn Chapter 1 did not encounter many problems and was covered relatively quickly. Examine and learn from how the solutions differ from yours in ideas, language, and organization. Develop your functional programming abilities in Standard ML. You may neither give nor receive help.

We found that more time should be spent on chapters and skipped the last half of chapter 9 and all of chapter 10 after deeming them to be interesting but not necessarily constructive. The class then worked through example problems together or worked through newly assigned exercises that class members were encouraged to attempt. Matheamtics MathLAN, you can access the interpreter by typing “sml”, although I recommend typing “rlwrap sml” so that the arrow keys behave as expected.

A major goal of this fiscrete is to learn how to express your mathematical ideas correctly and to write convincing proofs.

Your lowest homework score will be dropped. Please take the time to write your solutions neatly and carefully! Set aside time to simply think about the material and how it fits together, in addition to the time you give yourself to work on the homework.


Unlike some of your past experiences in mathematics, there will typically be many correct answers to each problem. Solutions to the homework will be posted to the course webpage. When graded homework is returned, spend time reading the comments and reflecting on how you can improve your writing.

Discrete Mathematics and Functional Programming

It isn’t worth it. Chapter 1 sections 8 and 9 were precursors to chapter 7 sections 9 and 10 and therefore were reviewed together. Retrieved from ” http: This is review, so if you don’t understand it, it’s okay. If you bring your ideas and scratch work, we can focus on how to help you manage these transitions. Learn how to interpret mathematical language and symbols properly, and how to communicate mathematical ideas effectively. Please come to my office hours when you want assistance!

Just get what you can out of it. So try to think of ways to explain things as you would want them to be explained to you. An Open Introduction by Oscar Levin, which is available online.

During this review, class members were encouraged to read through the sections and find any particular questions they had then bring those to class discussion. About halfway through the year we found that there were many points we did not fully understand and that this lack of understanding was only further retarding our progress. Overall difficulties and suggestions are discussed for all chapters we worked through.

Discrete Mathematics and Functional Programming

Discrete Mathematics and Functional Programming Vital statistics. I encourage students who plan to observe holy days that coincide with class meetings or assignment due dates to consult with me as soon as possible so that we may reach a mutual understanding of how you can meet the terms of your religious observance and also the requirements for this course.

We agreed that several sections had been worked through too quickly. Most students should anticipate spending about 12 hours a week devoted to the course. Work to engage with and deeply understand the material. In addition to your written work, you should email me the text of the ML programs that you write for each assignment. Very few homework problems can be solved by looking up a similar problem from class and making small adjustments. We will also spend a great deal of time learning to write mathematical proofs.


You may ask students outside the course for help, but you need to make sure they understand the academic honesty policies for the course and you need to cite their assistance as well.

You may look at other sources, but you must cite other books or online sources if they provide you with an idea that helps you solve a problem. Spend your time trying to internalize rather than memorize. An example assignment for an entire week follows:. If you are stuck on a problem, begin by working on simple examples and special cases.

Core material can be lrogramming in chapters and additional concepts are found in chapters Learn the logic of mathematical arguments, different ways to prove a statement, and how to construct your own proofs. I also recommend and will sometimes refer to Discrete Mathematics: Students need to provide documentation to the Coordinator for Disability Resources, Autumn Wilke, located on the 3rd floor of the Rosenfield Center x We have detailed our findings so that future classes may focus on the most relevant sections and spend less time on fruitless endeavors.

If you enjoy working in groups, I strongly encourage you to work with others in the class to solve the homework problems.