‘Lymond is back.” So begins The Game of Kings, the first book in my greatest literary love affair: Dorothy Dunnett’s Lymond Chronicles. The Game of Kings (Lymond Chronicles, 1) [Dorothy Dunnett] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this first book in the legendary Lymond. The Lymond Chronicles (6 Book Series) by Dorothy Dunnett. All Formats Kindle Edition. From Book 1: In this first book in the legendary Lymond Chronicles.

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You’ll even find it paramount still with some people, but a trifle the worse for wear, because it’s not the best protection against an aggressive and materialistic world You are never far away from a joke, something shocking, something lymonv.

Staying up all night with a book is a pleasure when you have the morning to sleep in, not when your alarm rings before you’ve read the last page and you still haven’t gone to bed. We republished it and distributed it to our members in with issue of our Magazine, Whispering Gallerywhich is still available to buy in our online shop.

Where Francis is practical and cynical, Will is idealistic and impulse driven. Her parting gift would be confirmation that he is the ylmond son of his beloved mother, Sybilla—albeit by her incestuous affair with her father-in-law, the first Francis Crawford.

Lymond Chronicles – Wikipedia

Next is Richard Coulter, blinded in his turn by his passions, by hatred as strong as his former love of his brother. Lymond is a young man, exiled from Scotland for treason, who has now snuck back into the country and is busy making If you ever feel like you need a seriously mentally challenging book, I have the solution right here. Jun 30, Joy rated it really liked it Shelves: There’s a problem loading this menu right now. So aside from being a bit of a Gary Stu, which I have absolutely no issues with when the book is good enough, Lymond is given to dialogue that includes various quotes in French or Latin which Dunnett never bothers translating for you and obscure literary references that may have been familiar to well-read people back in the 16th century but certainly aren’t well-known now.


Stay in Touch Sign up. The Game of Kings Lymond Chronicles, 1. Dorothy Dunnett is a literary genius, and her in-depth research, and writing are spectacular. These factors combine to keep away the casual browser of library shelves, but attract the more dedicated readers of history and the ones who prefer sprawling, immersive adventures. Historical novel set in 16th century Scotland and England later books in the series range farther afield.

Views Read Edit View history. Shout-out to Star Trekdeleted scene Are you a UK income tax payer and can we claim GiftAid on your donation? As I waded through a bewildering array of scenarios and characters, I gradually became enthralled.

Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Lists with This Book. If the literary references were for chapter openings or for reinforcing the chess-imagery only, then very good.

The audiobook is fantastically narrated and feels very polished and authentic. Could it really be considered historical fiction? But the Crawford family’s history begins to produce more and more tensions, and these conflicts are exacerbated by the family’s shared weaknesses: Mummery, in sum, it felt like mummery. Mar 15, Doug Dlrothy rated it liked it. Six stars out of five for Dorothy Dunnett. Originally published between dunntetthe books are now available in a uniform paperback edition issued by Vintage Books in The battle scenes are vivid; the passages set at courts exhibit well both the odrothy surface calm and the roiling behind-the-scenes plotting.

This one is all about shades of gray. Though sometimes I felt like strangling lgmond. Look at me, I persevered and the payoff was huge: As a side note, don’t get unnerved by the apparent obscurity of these introductions: My best effort at a response to this great read is to cheat and direct you to the fine reviews of Algernon and Jeffry Keeten.

So I’m taking a different approach. And so begins The Game of Kings.

By the end of this book, which required that I also download a companion reference in order to understand it, I have to admit that it was not. I say the story stands on its own without the reader being as well-read as dear Dorothy. Game of Kingsfirst published inis an intricate, well-plotted tale of the conflict between England and Scotland inwhen Mary Queen of Scots is a very young child, and the machinations of the various players in that conflict, especially Francis Crawford, called Lymond.


The Game of Kings

I gave up trying to look things up after page I also had a challenge following the political maneuvering and battles, although that may not be a problem for more historically savvy readers. Now, on the cusp of being finished, I am already sad that this sometimes exasperating and exhausting journey is almost at an end. This book is enchanting. Her New York times obituary is here. Looking for More Great Reads?

Amidst the chaos of the royal wedding celebration, she falls apart and Lymond leaves his army post to care for her. I am really thinking about learning Latin now.

“Dorothy Dunnett’s Lymond Chronicles: The Enigma of Francis Crawford” by Scott Richardson

She adds Philippa to her roster of ladies-in-waiting, so that husband and wife will meet at the Cjronicles court. Praised for her historical fiction by critics and devoted fans alike, author Dorothy Dunnett’s Lymond Chronicles took the romance world by storm some 30 years ago, firmly fixing Dunnett’s reputation as a master of the historical romance.

These are the books I reread through each pregnancy, the books I turn to for comfort whenever things get bad. Lymond and his men help to delay the English so that the child queen can be smuggled to safety in France but he ends up on trial before a special court of the Scottish Parliament. If you ever feel like you need a seriously mentally challenging book, I have the solution right here.

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