Also, bear in mind that this essay refers specifically to traditional playing cards, not Zener Absolute Magic) that “The sight of cards is not conducive to magic that claims to Doug Dyment http://www. we ran a couple of workshops where we. Doug Dyment “Secret Outs”. .. Doug Canning & Tom Craven “Mind Over Money ”. Alex Hui “Sight Deprived”. and the prediction proves to be correct. Dyment, Doug: Mindsights ©Unknown, Doug Dyment Softcover, saddle-stitched, 64 pages, Mindsights Image courtesy e-Bay seller CoronaSmith.

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If they don’t like YOU, then you can do the greatest magic square ever seen on the face of the planet, and they’ll still be bored stiff and restless.

MindSights by Doug Dyment – $ :

It’s sort of like a roof-rack mount on a car; hard to complain that the mount alone won’t help you carry stuff when the rack’s not attached.

If anyone has been unable to obtain it, I have now released Mindful Mentalism 3 again which contains Al Smith’s great magic square routine “Sweet Sixteen”. The simplest idea here is to ask them to name any odd number, and you’ll create a magic square of that order for them instantly.

Customers reviews There are currently no product reviews. Could someone point me in the right direction? Down Under Deals by Andrew Wimhurst.


Most versions, however, suffer from less-than-optimal design, with little or no mechanism to keep the performance from looking like a guessing game.

This would be a year-old kid who had no trouble memorizing the more than numbers — and their positions — necessary for this, I presume! In this ultra-clean version, a participant and the entertainer alternately choose from a set of six or more envelopes, with the participant consistently going first. What they haven’t pointed out is that he employs a very ‘simple’ and direct approach and gets it over and done with in about 60 SECONDS! All the 4×4 quadrants total Aug 2, As magic square presentations go, this one is impressive.

MindSights by Doug Dyment

Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Hello, Three things strike me upon reading his review: Sure the side pocket might be an issue then but it’s not the only way to use the bag.

Dog thinks of this stuff?!? Sure the review was not glowing Also the outer unzipped pocket will hold a 1. Moving X By Sultan Orazaly.

Perfectly Possible by Michael Daniels. We each tend to see the merits and demerits we want to in each variation. MindSights by Doug Dyment. Results 1 to 15 of At the top Doug states “They lose the sophistication and comfort of a full suspension system with padded hip belt, sternum strap, supporting struts, etc. As envelopes are removed, the number from which to choose obviously decreases, but the participant is always offered both a free unambiguous, imnd and fair identical to that of the entertainer choice.


The Magic Cafe Forums – Do people like magic squares?

Customers reviews There are currently no product reviews. As many have pointed out, Marc Salem often opens his act with a magic square. Perfectly Possible by Michael Daniels. This page was created in 0. Stimulacra by Doug Dyment.

So it’s just a matter of watching the various used lists. The new approach explained here yields squares that add to the chosen number in more than two mijd different and interesting ways, can be dymeng in less than ten seconds with no more than a single and simple subtraction, works with numbers of almost any magnitude, and can be repeated nearly three dozen times for the same audience even the same target number with no apparent duplication, making it suitable for walk-around, trade shows, etc.

Originally Posted by fbrown That’s why you have to show your mentalism skills I guess. They will never be as optimal as bags designed for one or the other specific purpose.