The Draco Trilogy (Draco Dormiens, Draco Sinister, and Draco Veritas). likes · 1 talking about this. Alternate Universe/Ending to the Harry Potter. Draco Dormiens has ratings and 65 reviews. Nasty Lady MJ said: This To ask other readers questions about Draco Dormiens, please sign up. Popular Answered Draco Sinister (Draco Trilogy, #2) · Draco Veritas (Draco Trilogy, # 3). Draco Sinister is the second installment of The Draco Trilogy by Cassandra Claire. I recall veritas being even longer, so I’m going to pause a little while before.

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She now spells her name Cassandra Clarewithout an I. Harry is pretty cool in here, but he’s no Harry from the books, mind you!


Yet anytime anyone makes a move on Draco, she gets pretty jealous. I understand that the story is about as veritass as they come. Recommended to Nasty Lady MJ by: Hahaha, is this a real thing? Really, it really pulls on the mythology of the wizarding world and combines it with other mythology and has lots of fun twists balance with some fun banter a lot of it borrowed, but some of it original.

Draco Sinister

The series also incorporates an intricate web of dialogue pieces and text passages from popular genre television shows and books. Tho, it wasn’t really well-written, every phrase that made me laugh was taken from Buffy.

It’s just too long and wordy for the story it tells, and it really needed a lot of editing and trimming down.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Closed Please give us until the end of Sunday to answer drcao asks. I had found fanfiction.

This version of Draco is so much better than the cowardly wimp in the HP series. Pre-review October 30, Because nothing says Halloween like reading one of the most controversial fanfics of all time. Aside for viscerally hating nitwit Hermione however, I thought Cassandra Claire really managed to capture the essence of the other characters.

She in the real hp books is intelligent and confident in herself and the way she looks. veritxs

Трилогия о Драко: Draco Dormiens, Draco Sinister, Draco Veritas – PDF Free Download

Draco, but its tremendous fame popularized him and gave him his most recognizable traits–sex and snark. I must say I started the Draco Trilogy, because of pure curiosity and Dramione. The price of having this fine romantic comedy is placing Draco, Harry and Hermione in the spotlight and leaving little room for other characters.

I thnik a few “things” would just have needed more time to develope. I was disconnected from fandom for years, reading mainstream work, but when I came back I learned of the vicious controversy that these books had ended up originating within fandom.

The Draco Trilogy (Fanfic) – TV Tropes

Maybe it is inevitable of fanfics, but this is a story of relationships. Other books in the series. In addition, they are the stereotipical characters found in every single book written by Cassandra Clare I have read: My friend Holly, she uses flashcards to tell her about just incidents in the plot, so I just started using them to tell me about different incidents for characterization and I found that kinda helpful.


There were a few passages were I thought, if I were her editor I would have cut these or told her to rewrite it to make it a little bit more believable. In canon, she never does seem to spend much time away from Ron and Harry and I liked the idea that she confided her “girl problems” in other girls, and had to be guided in the ways of “girl code.

I enjoyed this fanfiction a lot, despite the plagiarism controversy around it. Excluding the Hermione drama, the growth that Harry and Draco go through is incredible and just If so, it at least makes me hopeful.

The story first became the subject of major controversy when one reader identified an extensive sequences of action, description and dialogue from Draco Sinister, Chapter 9 as having been lifted from The Hidden Landan out-of-print fantasy novel by Pamela Dean. Okay, so anyway, Hermoine punches Malfoy, and vveritas wasn’t in love with Harry.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Though dormien website no longer exists, fanart for the Draco Trilogy still can be found all over the net.