The GEA turbulence with draft tube and baffle crystallizer is the typical modern type of crystallizer in the industry. This is a typical model of mixing tank crystallizer. Draft tube is mounted inside, allowing crystals which are growing to be sent efficiently to the evaporation. In a continuous crystallization process employing an evaporative draft tube baffle (DTB) crystallizer apparatus to produce crystal product, the improvement which.

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The publication also teaches that if the seed exceeds 20 mesh 0.


DTB units are also used successfully for crystallization from reaction, such as fertilizers made by the neutralization of an acid with a base, because of their high crysttallizer of internal mixing and the ability to introduce the reactants into a zone of high turbulence.

NL Free format text: Continuous crystallizing tank and continuous evaporative crystallization process. There are several adaptations that can be added to a forced-circulation crystallizer to help narrow the crystal size distribution. Process and dravt for forced circulation evaporative crystallization with large deposit inventory. Flow is up the bwffle tube and down along its exterior; and is of sufficient velocity to suspend the crystals in the vessel.

Crystallizers such as these are the most useful for operations in which the solution’s boiling point is extremely high, or when such low temperatures are required that evaporation by vacuum is not possible.

The baffle permits separation of unwanted fine crystals from the suspension of growing crystals, thereby affecting control of the product size. Parts Center Parts SwensonTechnology. Sufficient seed surface is maintained at the boiling surface to minimize harmful salt deposits on the equipment surfaces.

Method and apparatus for the continuous production of a crystallizate having a constant particle size gaffle. We specialize in designing and installing innovative systems to convert liquid solutions into dry solids using evaporation, crystallization and drying.


The mixed-tank part of the unit includes a slow-turning, high pumping efficiency internal circulator located concentrically in a tube the Draft Tube that helps direct the flow and improve the mixing of the slurry. It should be understood that the suspension could enter the vessel directly at some other point close to the liquid level 14 or close to the bottom inlet to the tubbe tube 7 via appropriate piping. A funnel-shaped baffle 5 defines two elutriation chambers 6a and 6b via vertical supports which are not shown.

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The crystallizer body can be seen on the left, with the condenser and booster slightly above and to the right of it. The practical way is to perform a gravity settling to be able to extract and possibly recycle separately the almost clear liquid, while managing the mass flow around the crystallizer to obtain a precise slurry density elsewhere.

Lapsed in a contracting state announced via postgrant inform. Crystallizers are used in industry to achieve liquid-solid separation. Since the withdrawal rate varies, it is inferred that the addition rate of these fine crystals is not crystallizeer.

Lighter particles are picked up by the air stream, while heavier ones remain in place. Contact How can we help you?

In a continuous crystallization process employing an evaporative draft tube baffle DTB crystallizer apparatus to produce crystal product comprising. The percent of crystals of size greater than Tyler 10 mesh are given in Figure 2 for several successive shifts of production. A conical entrance promotes more thorough mixing, which creates a more uniform slurry mixture.

Evaporation of sufficient water causes the saturation limit of ammonium sulfate to be exceeded. The thickened crystal slurry is discharged to a centrifuge 20 where crystals are separated from mother liquor. The thickener is normally a cyclonic separator. This crystallizer has been named so because it provides for two discharge streams, one of slurry that contains the product crystals, and another, that is mother liquor saturated solvent with a small amount of fines.


Method for producing a coarse-grained ammonium sulfate product by crystallization and facility for performing the method. B1 Designated state s: Method and device for producing a coarse-grained ammonium sulfate product crystallisate.

Flue gas treatment Oil refinery technology Polymers process.

Year of fee payment: The DT is used for some ceystallizer of flash cooling operations, where the main objective is to provide a well-mixed volume.

These features make the turbulence crystallizer very suitable to mathematical description, and thus subject to good operating control.

Draft Tube Baffle (DTB) Crystallizer – Swenson Technology

Usage Examples Forced-circulation crystallizers are commonly used to produce salts and chemicals in industry. The boiling action is concentrated in the center of the vessel and is well distributed across the surface by means of the dgaft draft tube inlet. A Clearer View of Crystallizers. There are no close clearances where salt buildup can produce a large reduction in the rate of circulation as in other crystallizer designs.

The GEA turbulence with draft tube and baffle crystallizer is the typical modern type of crystallizer in the industry. The process of any of preceding claims comprising the continuous crystallization of ammonium sulfate.

Flow is controlled by the flowmeter The process of claim 4 wherein said suspension of crystals in a solution is fed in an amount whereby the weight of crystals is 8 to bafflf percent of the weight of the product withdrawn in step f. The cyclic behavior is illustrated in Figure 2.