Egzote- drvo, Beleške’ predlog Fitofarmacija u šumarstvu. Sveučilište Drvo odlucivanja-Vezbe-Vestacka inteligencija i ekspertni sistemi-Info. Teorija odlučivanja | Mathematics in Engineering | Faculty of Technical Sciences | FTN. multikriterijskog odlučivanja. Analizirana je . Metoda multikriterijskog odlučivanja. The method of . Slika 2. Drvo odlučivanja pri multikriterijskom odlučivanju.

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Taking into consideration existing scientific and technical data on emissions, atmospheric movements and effects on the environment of nitrogen oxides and their secondary products, as well as on control technologies. The measures taken to carry out national strategies and policies for the abatement of air pollution include legislation and regulatory provisions, ovlucivanja incentives and disincentives, as well as technological requirements best available technology.

Стабло одлучивања

Combustion modifications have been under continuous development and optimization. By a total of aboutMW was installed.

Due to the classification as waste, a simple disposal is not possible, however recycling options exist. Current petrolfuelled vehicles contribute up to two thirds odluvivanja total national road NOx emissions.

Amendments under paragraphs 3 and rrvo above shall, as soon as possible after their adoption, be communicated by the Executive Secretary to all Parties. Both have made significant progress in reducing NOx emissions through new concepts in combustion and system technology. To avoid discrepancies and inconsistencies, key issues and parameters including the following, odlucivnja be well-defined: Izgaranje fosilnih goriva glavni je izvor antropogenih emisija NOx iz stacionarnih izvora.

In some cases, options for reducing NOx emissions may also result in the reduction of emissions of CO and SO and other pollutants. Measures to reduce NOx emissions and other air pollutants may include enforcement of speed limits and efficient traffic management.

Ukupni instalirani kapacitet izgaranja u fluidiziranom sloju blizu je iznosa od oko Typically some 30 per cent energy saving can be attained. Preinake procesa i izgaranja. The main technologies for controlling NOx emissions are listed in table 2. Pregledom treba potvrditi da su kontrole emisije u izvornim postavkama.


The annex addresses the control of NOx emissions considered as the sum of nitrogen oxide NO and nitrogen dioxide NO expressed as NO and lists a number of NOx reduction measures and techniques spanning a wide range of costs and efficiencies.

Glavne tehnologije za nadzor emisije NOx navedene su u tablici 2. For each State and organization referred to in article 13, paragraph 1, which ratifies, accepts or approves the present Protocol or accedes thereto after the deposit of the sixteenth instrument of ratification, acceptance, approval, or accession, the Protocol shall enter into force on the ninetieth day following the date of deposit by such Party of its instrument of ratification, acceptance, approval, or odlucivnja.

Fiscal incentives can encourage the accelerated introduction of desirable technology.


Potrebne informacije mogu se razlikovati ovisno o vrsti industrijskog procesa. An alternative approach also used is to set a target for the reduction of total NOx emissions from a group of existing sources and to allow the Parties to choose where to take action to reach this target bubble concept. A remarkable increase in full-scale retrofit of combustion modifications in ECE member countries has been recorded in the last years.

Many countries have enacted regulations that limit the emission of pollutants from road vehicles. The use of NH3 is, however, not jeopardized even when taking into account the indirect emissions related to the production and transportation of NH3. Kod nekih primjena postignuti su suprotni efekti npr. The original of the present Protocol, of which the English, French and Russian texts are equally authentic, shall be deposited with the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

Furthermore, the combination of combustion modification and flue gas treatment needs site specific evaluation. It may encourage regular maintenance and discourage vehicle owners from tampering with or disabling the emission controls, both through direct enforcement and public information. Inspection and maintenance programmes can be beneficial for all types of control technology by ensuring that new-vehicle emission levels are maintained.


This may change with the employment of new technologies e. Process and Combustion Modifications. The present Protocol shall be open for accession as from 6 May by the States and organizations referred to in article 13, paragraph 1.

Flue gas treatment processes. Key measures for traffic management aim at changing the modal split of public and long-range transport especially in sensitive areas like cities or the Alps by odljcivanja transport from road to rail through tactical, structural, financial and restrictive elements and also by optimizing the logistics of the delivery systems. There should not be any devices to reduce the efficiency or switch off the emission control systems during any operating conditions except conditions which are indispensable for trouble-free running e.

The present Protocol shall enter into force on the ninetieth day following the date on which the sixteenth instrument of ratification, acceptance, approval or accession has been deposited.

It should be borne in mind also that sources of NOx are often sources of other pollutants as well, such as sulphur oxides SOxvolatile organic compounds VOCsand particulates.

As this odluivanja and this experience continuously expand, particularly with new vehicles incorporating low-emission technology and the development of alternative fuels, as well as with retrofitting and other strategies for existing vehicles, the annex needs to be updated and amended regularly.