Eagle Electronics Installation and Operation Instructions Fish-finding Sonars & Mapping GPS FishElite , SeaCharter DF. FishElite Fish Finder pdf. Eagle FishElite Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Eagle FishElite Installation And Operation Instructions Manual. Fish Finder pdf manual download. Also for: Seafinder See for Eagle Eagle FishElite Installation And Operation Instructions Manual pages.

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Some unit features — such as searching for businesses and addresses — won’t work without a custom MapCreate map orFreedomMap. Sonar TroubleshootingIf your unit is not working, or fishellite you need technical help, please use thefollowing troubleshooting section before contacting the factory customerservice department. For most situations, you should install your Skimmer transducer so that its centerline is level with the bottom of the boat hull.

Thesecustom maps are pre-loaded on MMCs. Don’t tighten the lock nut at this time. Page 4 Depth Alarms Before you grab the unit and begin installing amnual, please give us a moment or two to explain how our manual can help you get the best performance from your compact, wide-screen, combination fish finder and mapping GPS receiver.

Route the sensor’s cable through or over the transom to the sonar unit. Fixhelite for changing Com Port settings.

Page 59 Basic Sonar Quick Reference1. You can replay this sonar log in the unit using the Sonar Simulator function, or play it back on a per- sonal c Summary of the content on the page No.

Page 34 To choose the proper location for shoot-thru-hull mounting, follow these testing procedures: Connect the unit to electricpower and the transducer.

The satellites are in a fixed orbit around the Equator, so they appear very low in the sky to someone on the ground in North America.



Spell out name in the top box, or select from the list in the lower box. Sonar chart display options from left split zoom all models and split frequency SeaFinder DF only. Find Waypoint Menu, left; Category Selection menu, center; and list ofthe nearest restaurants, right.

How To Obtain Service 8 a. These indicate that you are to select this command or option from a menu or take an action of some kind with the menu item. Set Local Time In this example, we’ll look for the nearest fast-food restaurant. How Low Should You Go Map Page showing results of a street search. Page To view tide information: Basic Sonar OperationThis section addresses the unit’s most basic sonar operations.

The Find Streets menu reappears with the first and second street dialog boxes filled in. We suggest you become familiar with both modes so you can best match your sonar’s performance to the current water conditions. Create and Save a Route You have the option of creating and editing a route in the unit, or you You can turn the alarms off and on and change their distance settings.

Pressing it again quadruples the size of the echoes 4X.

Eagle Electronics FishElite User Manual

Dual temperatures are only displayed on the Full Chart page. Center, numerous dots representing Points of Interest are visible at the 2 mile range, along with minor streets. This is fizhelite by differences in hull lay-up and construction. This information is calculated from an optional water speed sensor, not the GPS.

The depth cursor appears. For a full set of searchable land features, including landmarks, streets, addresses and Points of In- terest, fshelite must load your own high-detail custom map produced with our MapCreate 6 software.

  KEMA 08 ATEX 0110 PDF


The power pack and an optional portable transducer expand the uses for your sonar unit. Page 86 In manual mode, you have complete control over sensitivity, with the ability to set it anywhere from zero to percent.

When using HyperScroll, you may also need to manually decrease the sensitivity for optimum performance. The closest is highlighted at the top of thelist and the farthest at the bottom of the list. FishElite with secondary external temperature sensor.

A message and tone appear periodically, warningyou that the simulator is on. Selecting A Waypoint As you drift over a fish, or as a fish swims through the transducer’s signal cone, the fish echo will appear as a straight line suspended between the surface and the bottom. To choose the proper location for shoot-thru-hull mounting, follow these testing procedures: This can be played back at any time eagl play a recorded sonar chart log, see the fishleite in this section for Sonar Simulator.

EAGLE ® FishElite 480 Fishfinder/GPS Chartplotter

At left, Pages Menu, showing sonar chart display option commands. These software upgrades are usually offered to customers as free downloads from our web site, www.

Find Waypoints Find Waypoints 1. Page 67 At left, we scrolled down the data list to highlight “Water Speed. To navigate to the address, press begin showing navigation information to the address pointed out by the cursor.