The time: years after man’s first landing on the Moon. There are permanent populations established on the Moon, Venus, and Mars. Outer space inhabitants . Earthlight [Arthur C. Clarke, Brian Holsopple] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The time: years after man’s first landing on the Moon. Editorial Reviews. From the Publisher. 6 1-hour cassettes. About the Author. Arthur C. Clarke was considered to be the greatest science fiction writer of all time.

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Short and to the point. Many years later the commander of the Acheron writes his memoirs and reveals that earthlgiht had reached the Federation from One of Earth’s most distinguished astronomers, now living in honoured retirement on the Moon. This vision carries over into Clarke’s imagining the first lunar city, something it’s sad to think we might have realized by now had lunar exploration not petered out in the 70’s. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

The real negative for me is that this book basically gives up on it’s original premise. Inevitably, Earthlight is dated, as one would expect from a novel written well over 50 years ago.

Earthlight by Arthur C. Clarke – SFFWorld

Clarke obviously had studied the peculiarities of the moon, despite publishing the book far in advance of any manned missions to that body. It is a war story and an espionage tale, both popular at the time of publication, but one which projects the ideas of conflict and technological superiority years into the future.

In summary, there are moments in Earthlight which look ahead to future Clarke novels, particularly in the scenes of great drama, peril and heroism as well as in the infrequent splendid descriptive sequences, but these are far outweighed by chapters whose saving grace is their brevity.

Earthlight remains an intelligent and exciting early Clarke adventure that packs plenty of punch even after the passage of half a century. The lack of any technological progress in astronomical observation in years is more embarrassing chemical photographic development still in use and automated supernova search being an tricky leading edge project. Recommended if you like to contemplate life on other worlds, or enjoy a quick view of a still-compelling future through the lens of the past.

Unofficially, Sadler is a secret agent whose mission is to uncover the identity of a spy who is believed to be passing secrets from Earth to the Federation of other planets. With vaulting imagination Arthur C. Still enjoyable on the whole, and Clarke’s optimism for the human future shines. Those scientists are all male, the few women working with them are glorified clerks. Anyone who thinks oil has nothing to do with why the US is in Iraq is, I think, naive. Written in some of the assumptions about future technology is hilarious.


This is the writing of a man unabashedly caught up in a dream, a wholly optimistic vision — the war-and-espionage-themed plot notwithstanding — that humanity has a future in space. Earthlight may be over half a century old. A Space OdysseyLester del Rey expressed regret in his review of the film that Earthlight had not been filmed instead.

Though at the time this book was written, wars were generally fought over more profound political matters — as well as threats to freedom and human rights that were entirely legitimate — in this day and age, dwindling natural resources, such as oil, are proving a crucial motive for hostilities.

At the same time, for the most in many earghlight, relationships between Earth and the Federation are quite strained. Outer space inhabitants have formed a new political entity, the Federation, and between the Federation and Earth a growing rivalry has developed. I enjoyed the science, even if it’s outdated. At the beginning of the story there is a colony on the moon and humans are in the process of colonising the planets of the solar system.

One of the best space battle descriptions I’ve ever read!


He tips his hat to them by letting his main character be married with a pregnant wife who bears him a son, but no women characters actually get on stage. Outer space inhabitants have formed a new political entity, the Federation, and between the Federation and Earth a growing rivalry has developed. A Space Odysseywhich he co-created with the assistance of Stanley Kubrick.

The crater was described in detail during the second EVA. But Arthur is a master at drawing the future, so it makes up for the lack of the promised mystery. The novel concludes with Molton enlightening Sadler and the reader as to the brilliant technical subterfuge with which he transmitted information, namely that he used the observatory’s main telescope as a transmitter by placing a modulated ultra-violet source at its prime focus.

Clarke’s marvelous lunar espionage thriller EarthlightI was struck by a thought. In all the important parts, the agent from Earth is nowhere to be found. Not bad, my good friend.


There is sufficient characterization to make for interesting characters.

Earthlight by Arthur C. Clarke

With this hint, Sadler is able to confirm earthlighf spy’s identity as Robert Molton, the first one of the observatory staff to greet him on his way to the observatory.

Mankind has expanded the frontier and have now developed beyond the globe, earthlihht permanent settlements on the Moon, Mars, a swampy Venus and cold Jupiter.

Why is that important? Featuring monorails, sports in light gravity, underground mining operations, and a telescope larger than any on Earth, the imagery is vintage Clarke.

Earthlight is a science fiction adventure story set on the Moon, where a government agent is looking for a suspected spy at a major observatory on the Moon. However, her new drive gives clar,e the capability of a rendezvous with a passenger liner, The Pegasuswhich is able to rescue all but one of the crew who have to make the 40 second crossing without space suits.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The character This is a very nice short piece of science fiction literature. He accepted that the model of the US Federal Government holding territory in trust for the states only became viable once the ideological conflict over slavery had been ended by complete Northern victory, but dismissed the ideological divide of the post Cold War as being ultimately no more significant than the religious divide emerging from the Protestant Reformation.

It just means that the book doesn’t give the reader what the blurb suggests.

Hopefully then, you found my review accurate and appropriate. The main character in this story, Bertram Sadler, has been sent to the Earhlight as a spy in order to find out if there is a traitor in the colony.

I think this is one of Clarke’s better books. Wink the Astrokitty drawn by Matt Olson.

The October Arthur C. The plot synopsis on the wikipedia page for the novel is mostly mine I hope you evaded the spoiler on clarkke denouement and one insight that it pained me to omit as original research was the idea that the historical model for the conflict was The War of There are permanent populations established on the Moon, Venus and Mars.

I could see it and feel it.