A brief summary of the item is not available. Add a brief summary about the item. Web Map by Nico_Eloy. Created: Jun 14, Updated: Jun 15, View. Download scientific diagram | Ecorregiones del Paraguay siguiendo a Cacciali ( ). 1. Pantanal. 2. Chaco Seco. 3. Chaco Húmedo. 4. Cerrado. 5. Bosque. Checklist of the Fishes of Paraguay (CLOFPY). Ichthyological Análisis cualitativo para la definición de las ecorregiones de Paraguay occidental. Paraquaria.

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Ecorregión de agua dulce Paraguay

Jaguars on the move: Volume 44 Issue 2 Janpp. Introduction Globally, apex predators, and the maintenance of their functional evorregiones, are severely threatened due to anthropogenic pressures, particularly associated with large spatial needs to access sufficient prey to meet metabolic requirements and persecution Ripple et al.

The mating tactics and spacing patterns of solitary carnivores, In: See all formats and pricing.

Persecution is common throughout the range of the jaguar, however, its practice and magnitude is not equivocal geographically and consequently how the removal of individuals may impact space use, and subsequently comparisons among ecosystems and regions, needs to be considered and is of interest for future research.

Volume 4 Issue 1 Janpp. Resource selection in an apex predator and variation in response to local landscape characteristics. exorregiones

Volume 41 Issue 1 Dflpp. Data analysis using regression and multilevel hierarchical models. Volume 18 Issue 3 Janpp. Normality in the data was tested using the Shapiro-Wilk test and log-transforming the data when their distribution did not meet assumptions of normality. PhD Dissertation, University of Florida. Collars collected data between 52 and days, obtaining from to locations Table 1. Volume 81 Issue 6 Novpp.


Habitat loss and overhunting synergistically drive the extirpation of jaguars from the Gran Chaco. From June to June 35 pagaguay were captured and collared, of which 19 individuals provided sufficient data for analysis; seven in the Dry Chaco five males, two femalesnine in the Humid Chaco three males, six females and three in the Pantanal one male, two females with estimated ages between 2 and 10 years Table 1.

Volume 25 Issue 3 Janpp. Here you edl find all Crossref-listed publications in which this article is cited. Volume 68 Issue 4 Decpp.

Space use and movement of jaguar (Panthera onca) in western Paraguay : Mammalia

Spatial ecology and social interactions of jaguars Panthera onca in the southern Pantanal, Brazil. Volume 60 Issue 1 Janpp. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, February For a big cat the paraguag is relatively understudied Brodieand although multiple studies have estimated jaguar home range size Schaller and CrawshawRabinowitz and NottinghamCrawshaw and QuigleyCrawshawScognamillo et al. Volume 70 Issue Marpp.

Apart from constituting an important contribution towards the conservation of jaguars within Paraguay, placing the results into a comparative context with research from neighboring countries will facilitate the efficacy of trans-boundary conservation efforts, with important implications for range-wide conservation strategies for jaguar.

Core area estimation Core areas of AKDE home ranges were estimated as the area encompassed within the isopleth where the proportional use of the estimated home range is equal to the predicted probability of use Seaman and PowellBingham and NoonVander Wal and Rodgers Territoriality and home range concepts as applied to mammals.


From fine-scale foraging to home ranges: These differences may be related to differences in the geomorphology of the two regions and its interaction with local hydrological cycles. For the statistical analysis jaguars from the Humid Chaco and the Pantanal were combined into a single group since the characteristics of the system are highly similar, with the delineation between the two systems debatable Olson et al.

Volume 51 Issue 3 Janpp. See all formats and pricing Online. This relationship is further supported by the estimated movement parameters which showed that males traveled farther, faster, and more directionally than females in response to the need to cover and maintain their larger home ranges.

The online version of this article offers supplementary material https: The larger home ranges in the Dry Chaco are attributable to the lower productivity of that semi-arid ecosystem, more heterogeneously distributed prey and water, and negative effects of anthropogenic factors i. Volume 7 Issue 3 Janpp.

The Paraguayan Pantanal and the study area in the Humid Chaco have less forest area and a relatively greater area of inundated land during a large portion of the year compared to the Pantanal study areas of Morato et al. A respectful treatment of one another is important to us.