Ed Friedland Slap Bass The Ultimate Guide. Instruction on how to play funk bass. Includes Snapping, Popping, Left Hand Integration, Dead. Ed Friedland: SLAP BASS, DVD, Bass, and thousands more titles. ejazzlines has the best selection and prices of jazz in the world!. gone – whew, that was quick thanks! The Ed Friedland “Slap Bass” DVD is a great instruction tool for beginning slappers, accomplished.

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Ed Friedland – Slap Bass: The Ultimate Guide download

The total package is a complete, comprehensive, well organized method that will take you from the very first steps to advanced level. It makes the most basic aspects of bass playing incredibly easy.

Based on the feedback I receive from students all over the world it’s available in Japanese, French and Spanish too this method seems to work for people. It was the first walking bass method book to come with play along tracks, something you take for granted now. Bass is a more global approach to jazz playing. After learning the contents of this book, you’ll be able to zlap up at band practice or to the gig and play your own ideas, not just follow the guitarist’s left hand.

Ed Friedland – Guitar Instructor

The first rock bass method that truly prepares you to go out and join a band. BluesCountryFrieddlandJazzRock. You wind up saving some bucks by purchasing them this way. The reading and technical level are challenging. Perfect for new slappers, this DVD starts frisdland at the very beginning. Instruction on how to play funk bass. Using the most common rhythms in rock music, you start learning what notes work with different chords, and how to find them all over the neck.


In the real world, bassists MUST be able to play tunes they don’t know – without music. This book is a compilation of many of my “in the trenches” instructional articles from the golden days of Bass Player magazine It’s a good choice for friedlannd player that already has a solid grasp on the fundamentals.

I use this book in many of my jazz workshops. The three “mystery” tunes are on the CD without any changes written. Each technique is demonstrated and then the movement is slowed down and analyzed so the viewer can duplicate the line.

Books By Ed Friedland. Music is written in TAB and usual notation.

Ed Friedland – Slap Bass: The Ultimate Guide

The included CD has tracks to play along to as well as an ear training workout, a “style-o-rama” vamp and the infamous “random modulation torture test”. I use the same basic concept of target and approach notes to show you how to create your own bass lines in a rock context.


You’re not left totally alone, there are many helpful suggestions to prepare you for this seemingly impossible task.

Check out the sound samples on the Equipment Pageand tracks on the Mp3s page. Building Rock Bass Lines Description: Sounds scary, and maybe it is at first, but keep in mind that jazz musicians do this every day.

I’m very fortunate to be able to maintain a full schedule of diverse-yet-music centered activities – playing live, recording, writing instructional books, gear reviewing, teaching Dolby AC3, 2 ch Booklet: Every type of rhythmic and stylistic variation you can imagine, in many different keys. Slow Demos and tips on creating vass own grooves are also included.

If you want to solo to a burning jazz rhythm section, this is a great item.

Book bxss the Month Brand new! Coming soon is the companion DVD. Listen Check out the sound samples on the Equipment Pageand tracks on the Mp3s page. This book fully explores the major and minor pentatonic scales with multiple fingerings, technical exercises, pentatonic modes. Of course, there are lots of great tracks to play with. Ed Friedland is one of those rare musicians who can both play and teach.