cation of The Hidden Order of Art in Because of his ter of Ehrenzweig’s books and in every article, . Ehrenzweig included art history and musical theory . Anton Ehrenzweig (27 November – 5 December ) was an Austrian- born British The Hidden Order of Art, published posthumously, has been in continuous publication since , and is considered one of the three classics of art. The hidden order of art: A study in the psychology of artistic imagination. Citation. Ehrenzweig, A. (). The hidden order of art: A study in the psychology of.

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University of California Press. Finding the Hidden Dimensions in Art. Hence creativity requires a diffuse, scattered kind of attention that contradicts our normal logical habits of thinking.

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Selected pages Title Page. Sign in Create an account. The conflict between deliberate and spontaneous methods of working is indeed profound. I myself seem to have preserved some of this ability.

The Hidden Order of Art by Anton Ehrenzweig – Paperback – University of California Press

Request removal from index. A publisher’s reader once objected to my lack of focus. Essentially a merging of Freudian psycho-analysis and Gestalt psychologythis thesis established the importance of the interplay that takes place between our conscious and formal creation of images and our undisciplined perceptive imagination.


Retrieved from ” https: Hiden of Western Philosophy. Towards a Hhe of Current Theory Gradually aspects move into view that defy this kind of rational analysis.

But fortunately this does not really matter. For instance the plastic effects of painting pictorial space which are familiar to every artist and art lover tum out to be determined by deeply unconscious perceptions. One is blinded ehfenzweig the difference between appearance and reality, more pointedly between what Kandinsky called external necessity and internal hisden, or what psychoanalysts call external reality and internal reality.

Modern art displays this attack of unreason on reason quite openly. He studied law, psychology and art in Austria and became a magistrate in But as time passes by the ‘hidden order’ in art’s substructure the work of unconscious form creation rises to the surface.

Children can listen breathlessly to a tale of which they understand only little.

This enables me to read technical books with some profit even if I am not conversant with some of the technical terms. Dilman Walter Gotshalk – – New York: The unconscious functions overcome and fragment the conscious surface sensibilities and tear reason into shreds. He died the following year in HammersmithLondon, of a sudden heart attack.

Anton Ehrenzweig, The hidden order of art – PhilPapers

This ability of understanding- and it is an ability may be due to their syncretistic capacity to comprehend a total structure rather than analysing single elements. University of California Pr Amazon. The argument of this book ranges from highly theoretical speculations to highly topical problems of modern art and practical hints for the art teacher, and it is most unlikely that I can find a reader who will feel at home on every level of the argument.


The conflict proves to be akin to the conflict of single-track thought and ‘polyphonic’ scattered attention which I have described.

This enables me to read technical books with some profit even if I am not conversant with some of the technical terms. All artistic structure is essentially ‘polyphonic’; it evolves not in a single line of thought, but in several superimposed strands at nidden.

The Hidden Order of Art. Aesthetics categorize this paper. This kind of treatment may well appear chaotic to an orderly mind. Like most thinking on depth-psychology it proceeds from the conscious surface to the deeper levels of the unconscious. Not available in British Commonwealth Pages: They are still able to profit from this incomplete understanding.