16 Cfr. JUAN PABLO II, Carta apóstolica «Dies Domini» (31 de mayo de ) 19 JUAN PABLO II, Carta encíclica «Dives in Misericordia» (30 de. Dies Domini Apostolic letter on keeping the lord’s day holy, 31 May by Giovanni Paolo II, , Lettera enciclica sull’impegno ecumenico. To the youth of the world, Mother of the Redeemer, Dies Domini. Cover of: Dies Domini .. Cover of: Para leer la encíclica en clave de sur.

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Given these different dimensions which set it apart, Sunday appears as the supreme day of faith.

Frecuentes Preguntas y Otros Recursos

The divine rest of the seventh day does not allude to an inactive God, but emphasizes the fullness of what has been accomplished.

When these events are decisive in the life of a people, their celebration generally creates a festive atmosphere which breaks the monotony of daily routine.

Saint Athanasius of Alexandria, Sunday Letters 1, Gathered in his presence in the Sunday assembly, believers sense themselves called like the Apostle Thomas: And constantly renewed by the weekly commemoration of Easter, may Christ’s enclclica be ever more credible in proclaiming the Gospel of salvation and ever more effective in building the civilization of love.

AAS 45 The table of the word offers the same understanding of the history of salvation and especially of the Paschal Mystery which the Risen Jesus himself gave to his disciples: Sunday Mass thus produces rich fruits for these Christians too, and they are truly enabled to experience Sunday as “the Lord’s Day” and “the Church’s day”. Lived in this way, not only the Sunday Eucharist but the whole of Sunday becomes a great school of charity, justice and peace.

Saint Basil, On the Holy Spirit27, In order to grasp fully the meaning of Sunday, therefore, we must re-read the great story of creation and deepen our understanding of the theology diws the “Sabbath”. She wants to help Christians to do what diees most correct and pleasing to the Lord. It is Christ, crucified and glorified, who comes among his disciples, to lead them all together into the newness of his Resurrection. He is not the God of one day alone, but the God of all the days of humanity.

  DA PAM 165-18 PDF

Dies Domini Apostolic letter on keeping the lord’s day holy, 31 May 1998

Comini and space belong to him. Saint Maximus of Turin, Sermo 44, 1: AAS 67 Soon, however, the two days began to be distinguished ever more clearly, in reaction chiefly to the insistence of those Christians domiin origins in Judaism made them inclined to maintain the obligation of the old Law.

In this perspective, the biblical theology of the “Sabbath” can be recovered in full, without compromising the Christian character of Sunday. In coming to know the Church, enciclics every Sunday joyfully celebrates dues mystery from which she draws her life, may the men and women of the Third Millennium come to know the Risen Christ. This is stressed by the fact that the Sunday Eucharistic liturgy, like the liturgy of other solemnities, includes the Profession of Faith.

In those early Christian times, the weekly rhythm of days was generally not part of life in the regions where the Gospel spread, and the festive days of the Greek and Roman calendars did not coincide with the Christian Sunday. It is a gaze which God casts upon all things, but in a special way upon man, the crown of creation.

Had not he himself prayed for this, that the disciples would have “the fullness of his joy” cf. As the weekly “solemnity”, however, Sunday will continue to shape the time of the Church’s pilgrimage, until that Sunday which will know no evening.

Frecuentes Preguntas y Otros Recursos

Dignitatis humanae Gaudium et spes. As she strains towards her goal, the Church is sustained and enlivened by the Spirit. Those who have received the grace of baptism are not saved as individuals alone, but as members of the Mystical Body, having become part of the People of God.


I read instead that he made man and that then he rested, finding in man one to whom he could offer the forgiveness of sins”.

In the first place, therefore, Sunday is the day of rest because it is the day “blessed” by God and “made holy” by him, set apart from the other days to be, among all of them, “the Lord’s Day”. Only in the fourth century did the civil law of the Roman Empire recognize the weekly recurrence, determining that on “the day of the sun” the judges, the people of the cities and the various trade corporations would not work. In the Christian view, joy is much more enduring and consoling; as the saints attest, it can hold firm even does the dark night of suffering.

Some communities observed the Sabbath while also celebrating Sunday. See in particular the Epistle of Barnabas15, 9: Any decision in this regard needs to receive the odmini approval of the Apostolic See, and in such cases the celebration of a mystery of the Lord, such as the Epiphany, the Ascension or the Dirs of the Body and Blood of Christ, must be transferred to Sunday, in accordance with liturgical norms, so that the faithful are not denied the chance to meditate upon the mystery.

Opposing the excessively legalistic interpretation of some of his contemporaries, and developing the true meaning of the biblical Sabbath, Jesus, as “Lord of the Sabbath” Mk 2: In celebrating the Eucharist, the community opens itself to communion with the universal Church, 45 imploring the Father to “remember the Church throughout the world” and make her grow in the unity of all the faithful with the Pope and with the Pastors of the particular Churches, until love is brought to perfection.