News que hacen referencia a la empresa Doka España Encofrados, S.A. Doka´s different service options help your company complete your formwork and scaffold works. Doka acts as a partner in all stages of your construction project. ENCOFRADOS DOKA, MUROS DE CARGA MUROS DE CORTE design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi MARIO ANDREE BEDOYA CHACON.

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The school was built originally inand had five pavilions prefabricated standardised, one central with an alone plant and other two pavilions of four flats. Formwork framework for walls Framax Xlife For walls Framax Xlife of Doka formwork system provides, with few elements, a grid, consistent 15 cm, either in vertical or horizontal.

S5 Korzensko Widawa More. The existent school included also a gymnasium, as encofrxdos as a zone of external games in an inferior level and very desconectados of the buildings Olympia Stadion Helsinki More. U4 “HafenCity”, high supporting construction frames. Even very complex structural shapes can be constructed using Climbing formwork MF They also help to ensure the safe use of our website.

Industrialized Formwork

Do you consent to the use of cookies and the processing of personal data associated therewith? All the connectors and accessories fit seamlessly into this grid — making for fast forming-times and high efficiency. The continuous hardware slot in the frame means that the Frami clamp can be fixed anywhere on the frame.

The corporate profiles of Doka in these digital tools nourish of original and pragmatic contents for any professional of the architecture and Technical Engineers in any public work Stringent requirements regarding workplace safety call for outstandingly good formwork.

Fitting the Monotec tying system The combination nut is both the panel connector and the form-tie nut. The Framax stripping corner I is also suitable for use on pilasters and as an inside corner on wall formwork.


The large, conical form-tie sleeves in the panels enable them to be stood at an angle on one or both sides, and to be height-mismatched. Many of them are record of the highest buildings of the world. Just one blow of the hammer on the Frami clamp is all it takes sncofrados pull enccofrados panels together and achieve a flush, correctly aligned panel joint that is resistant to tensile forces.

Climbing formwork MF – Doka

Cost-effective because of its outstanding system attributes. Several skyscrapers take form with the formwork autotrepante SKE of Doka The Austrian multinational Doka, expert in systems and solutions of formwork, has consolidated his quota of market in the construction of skyscraper, thanks to his last singular projects.

Its special surface structure prevents splintering and swelling caused by nail-holes.

The section of the references shows the experience of Doka all over the world in all type of projects and ensures him to the professional, in his work, the best of the advices In they worked all over the world 7. Only two different types of conical Monotec tie are needed for economically forming wall thicknesses of between 15 cm and 35 cm. The Frami anchoring bracket relocates the top form-tie above the panel, which makes it easier to strike off the concrete. The studies show that in the safe works works with more rapidity This means that only one closure is needed per wall plane.

In the first place, build said stadium for an initial capacity of His use in the mobile telephone requires to enter his name: The account has the denomination of encofradosdoka. This is a magazine of formwork for architects, technical managers, security coordinators, managers and heads of work. For higher vertically stacked dola than this, Universal walings are used to give the gang-form extra rigidity.

Odebrecht Has confronted to a big challenge. Modul makes possible the combination with other manufacturers scaffolding and reaching different heights of scaffolding, lengths and widths of openings. Also fits on the ground thanks to a modular knots, each with eight-way connection on a level.


Social The use of social media cookies and applications allows advertising that is suitable for you to be displayed on corresponding platforms. An extensive range of accessories ensures safety during pouring, even for room heights of 2. These include country and language settings.

Vertical stacking Up to a panel height of 5. The tendency of fraguados slower supposes high pressures of hormigonado. The circular forming plate extends the applicational range of the panels to take in polygonal curves: Required These cookies ensure the basic functions of our website.

Framed formwork Frami Xlife

This is the way to avoid costly field-built solutions. Required These cookies ensure the basic functions of our website. The appropriate solution for any type of challenge The cimbras Doka are prepared to offer flexibility, a high profitability and an optimum labour hygiene, making possible like this a fast and efficient use of the formwork. New MO Bridge More. Doka Spain realizar the setting of formwork for the station Matiko envofrados the Metre of Bilbao Doka Spain has supplied the formwork of the station of metre of Matiko in Bilbao, corresponding to the new Line 3.

Doka participates with his products of high performance in numerous structures along the 22 kilometres of the project.

By part of Doka Spain have stood out two works: You can find more information on the use of cookies and opt-out options in our privacy statement.