Evangelica Testificatio: Apostolic Exhortation on the Renewal of the Religious Life According to the Teachings of the Second Vatican Council [Pope Paul VI] on . Evangelica Testificatio is an apostolic exhortation issued by Pope Paul VI in , concerning the renewal of religious life according to the teaching of the. Evangelica Testificatio: Apostolic Exhortation on the Renewal of the Religious Life According to the Teachings of the Second Vatican Council. Front Cover.

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Lumen Gentium42, AAS 57,p. This pursuit has the aim of giving depth to these certainties and translating them into practice in everyday living in accordance with the needs of the moment; its aim is not in any way to cast testkficatio on them.

You will then experience through the action of the Holy Spirit the joyful exultation of those who are introduced into the secrets of the kingdom. This sharing in the Church’s mission, the Council insists, cannot take place without openness to collaboration in “her enterprises and objectives in such fields as the scriptural, liturgical, doctrinal, testifidatio, ecumenical, missionary and social.

Gaudium et spes, 48, A. Perfectae caritatisevanhelica, AAS 58, p. Forming the new person Mt 19, 21; 2Cor 8, 9. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.

Widening the dialogue : reflection on Evangelica testificatio

It is precisely for the sake of the kingdom of heaven that you have vowed to Christ, generously and without reservation, that capacity to love, that need testificatil possess and that freedom to regulate one’s own life, which are so precious to man. Faithfulness to daily prayer always remains for each one of you a basic necessity.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? AAS 58,p Everyone can see how much the fraternal testifocatio of an ordered existence with freely undertaken discipline of life helps you to attain union with God.

Perfectae caritatis, 24, A. Chastity is decisively positive, it witnesses to preferential love for the Lord and symbolizes in the most eminent and absolute way the mystery of the union of the Mystical Body with its Head, the union of the Bride with her eternal Bridegroom. The Eucharist as the testificario of the community and source of life Fecundidad espiritual para el mundo Your communities, since they are united in Christ’s name, naturally have as their center the Eucharist, “the Sacrament of love, the sign of unity and the bond of charity.


While We recognize that certain situations can justify the abandonment of a religious type of dress, we cannot pass over in silence the fittingness that the dress of religious men and women should be, as the Council wishes, a sign of their consecration 34 and that it should egangelica in some way different from the forms testifocatio are clearly secular.

Lc 12, [47] Cfr.

Others join together in work teams having their own pattern of life and action. Besides, whatever their size, communities large or small will not succeed in helping their members unless they are constantly animated by the Gospel spirit, nourished by prayer and distinguished by generous mortification of the old man, by the discipline necessary for forming the new man and by the fruitfulness of the sacrifice of the Cross.

Has not appeal even unjustly been made to the Council to cast doubt on testificqtio very principle of religious life? Such a mission, which is common to evanfelica the People of God, belongs to you in a special way.

How can We assist you to make the necessary discernment in this dynamic process itself, in which there is the constant risk that teestificatio spirit of the world will be intermingled with the action of the Holy Spirit?

Evangelica Testificatio (29 de junio de ) | Pablo VI

Dear sons and daughters in Christ, the religious life, if it is to be renewed, must adapt its accidental forms to certain changes which are affecting with growing rapidity and to an increasing extent the conditions of life of every human being. An alert conscience, far from looking upon them solely as obligations imposed by a rule, judges them from the benefits that they bring, inasmuch as they ensure a greater spiritual fullness.

Share your thoughts with other customers. That the Church could do without these exceptional witnesses of the transcendence of the love of Christ?

Write a customer review. Consequently, authority and obedience are exercised in the service of the common good as two complementary aspects of the same participation in Tesfificatio offering.


Evangelica Testificatio (June 29, ) | Paul VI

Lumen gentium, V, A. The Holy Spirit also gives you the grace to discover the image of the Lord in the hearts of men, and teaches you to love them as brothers and sisters. In the present disarray it is especially necessary for religious to give witness as persons whose vital striving to attain their goal—the living God—has effectively created unity and openness in the depth and steadfastness of their life in God.

The mark of its genuineness is found in a joyful simplicity, whereby all strive to understand what each one has at heart. Para que esto sea verdaderamente beneficioso es necesario respetar algunas condiciones. Such is your consecration, made within the Church and through her ministry—both that of her representatives who receive your profession and that of the Christian community itself, whose love recognizes, welcomes, sustains and embraces those who within it make an offering of themselves as a living sign “which can and ought to attract all the members of the Church to an effective and prompt fulfillment of the duties of their Christian vocation You will likewise be able to understand the complaints of so many persons who are drawn into the implacable process of work for gain, of profit for enjoyment, and of consumption, which in its turn forces them to a labor which is sometimes inhuman.

Finally, it enjoins on you a use of goods limited to what is required for the fulfillment of the functions to which you are called. Filled with the joy which Christ will preserve in you even in the midst of trial, learn to face the future with confidence.

Lumen gentium, 65, A. This gift, fragile and vulnerable because of human weakness, remains open to the contradictions of mere reason and is in part incomprehensible to those to whom the light of the Word Incarnate has not revealed how he who loses his life for Him eangelica find it.